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  1. Thanks Guys my problem now resolved and after 10 days again able to post, On one computer there seems to have been a problem with my Openvpn software so 4 days ago i uninstalled it on the problem computer, today re-installed the vpn software again and all seems OK and able to post again but yet to checked the rest of my computers?. Thanks again guys and Evil Penevil for all the replies.
  2. Guys you help is so much appreciated i do thank you all.
  3. Thank you Evil unable to contact any Moderator and Yes it is Pattaya Addicts but did not know if i was aloud to mention it.
  4. Hello Guys Firstly, apologies for starting this topic on here but I'm at my wits end with this problem and just don't know what to do next, Right my problem is i am also a member of another very popular Pattaya forum and since last Wednesday 12th May i cannot start any new topic's or reply to any existing posts on this forum don't know what has gone wrong, i have tried everything from Windows 10 laptops to Windows XP desktop, also my chromebook and also my Fire Tablet and all the same result, even tried with a portable mobile wifi box without my home network still the same, i am also unab
  5. For any guys that are interested Agents Travel Trolley and Fly sharp have flights from London Heathrow to Bangkok with Etihad Airways at only £350 for September and October.
  6. Where ever you stay on Soi Buakaow you are always going to get huge amounts of traffic noise plus of course music and parties. I stayed at Jasmin Mansion new LK Metro 11 years ago and never got to sleep until past 5 am not good. Although i have been staying at D Apartment the last year and also had a room overlooking the road and New Plaza it was still a bit of noise at times espeacially when there is a party about somewhere. I have never stayed at R-con Residence but i do know the owner have come close to it though but understand you have to pay for the wifi it's not free unless it's chang
  7. Have used Expedia many times sometimes they can be just as expensive as the airlines and cheaper other times, never had any problems with Expedia over the years, best thing is i can exchange my Sainsbury's Nectar points for cash voucher up to £100 pound to use towards my next flight, cheapest Bangkok flight i have had cost me just £280 with my £100 voucher off.
  8. Etihad flights currently selling at around £480 With the proposed Alcohol Crackdown promised in Thailand prices could come down even further as people decide to go elsewhere for there fun.
  9. After my last visit which ended on November 12th 2013 i was still in credit which expires on May 17th 2014 I take it that when i return to Pattaya on May 12th my phone will still work can someone comfirm please as the last 2 visits i have has to get a new sim card at 7/11.
  10. Booked my May flights with Qatar on 7th January for £535 with between 1hr and 2hrs stop-overs. Seen today my flights are now at £737 in i glad i booked early.
  11. Hi Guys I'm due in Pattaya in little over 5 weeks time but somewhat worried about North Korea stoking up another war game nobody wants except them. The situation seems to change everyday when something else is said and it's only going to take a spark and all hell will let loose. Anyone else due in pattaya in May and worried about the situation.
  12. Hi Guys Japan's major airlines have grounded their Boeing 787 planes for safety checks, hours after one was forced to make an emergency landing, in the latest blow for the new jet. All Nippon Airways said a cockpit message showed battery problems and a burning smell was detected in the cockpit and the cabin, forcing the 787 on a domestic flight to land at Takamatsu airport in western Japan. The 787, known as the Dreamliner, is Boeing's newest and most technologically advanced jet and the company is counting heavily on its success. But since its launch, which came after delays of more
  13. Thanks tom but i am now back home in the uk so i missed my chance to see a room. Also, forgot to mention i only visit pattaya on holiday so my visits to the bar are only on holiday hence would be nice to stay there next visit if the room is exceptable. Therefore anyone who has stay there are the rooms clean and exceptable and what do you get for 500baht.
  14. Hi Guys For the past 2 years i have been drinking here everyday big bottle of Leo only 55baht excellent, but i have never gave it a thought to look at the rooms here on offer at 500baht per day. Has anyone stayed here and what are the rooms like, would like to stay here if ok would be very handy for me There website is outdated looks like no update since 2007, so any information regarding the rooms would be most welcome.
  15. Does PT taxis include the tolls in there price please
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