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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Glad it's a bar I don't go into. Uncomfortable seating and loud, shit music.
  2. I remember saying to Adam one time that I hadn't seen Bird, (I think that was his name), around for a while. A short time after Adam told me that the girls had told him that Bird had died. I don't remember being told that it was one of Cherry Bar staff that found him, but it is a long time ago now.
  3. I was also under the impression that he died a good few years ago (when Cherry Bar was still on Soi 8). However, a recent thread elsewhere suggested he was still alive in Samui or Phuket. Seems a bit unlikely, but who knows?
  4. Glad it went well. When I had a root canal the worst session was grinding down the tooth for the crown preparation.
  5. Are you aware that Liverpool are owned by Fenway Sports Group who also own the Red Sox? Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal all have strong Irish connections.
  6. What about the US$3000 deposit the Cambodians are asking from tourists?
  7. We also have many other sports, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, Horseracing, Boxing etc. The same applies to other European countries, although the sports will vary. It is just that football is far bigger than any of the others.
  8. Except they might not want to come out to play until next year.😁 I think the Aussies are only looking at flights to and from New Zealand at the moment. (Happy for anyone to fill in any gaps or correct any errors).
  9. Yes. The flights you mention are repatriation flights bringing Thai nationals back home. Latest reports are that the authorities do not expect normal international flights to resume until end-September and then limited to countries who are deemed to have controlled Covid.
  10. When visiting Bangkok I used to like sitting at the beer bar just inside NEP early in the evening when the girls started to turn up for work. One time when I was sitting there a very attractive girl turned up at Bangkok Bunnies with her boyfriend who worked there as security. I wondered what the boyfriends reaction would be to her coming out the bar with customers, or maybe she was just a drink slut?
  11. I have found that some of the cabs are very cramped for my long legs, ok for a short local journey but wouldn't fancy going all the way to Sri Racha and back.
  12. Ultimately that would be down to the OP's negotiating skills. A buyers market at the moment, i reckon a taxi driver would rip your hand off for a return fare to Sri Racha.
  13. Likely to be similar price to an aircon meter taxi. I'd go for the comfortable option.
  14. Possibly Wine Connection in The Avenue or Royal Garden, but never looked for it myself.
  15. Not really full passenger services is it? Weren't there at least 2, possibly 3, Etihad flights per day from Manchester?
  16. Selling food or giving it away to Thais? There seem to be a few ad hoc charity inititiatives popping up around town.
  17. tallguy

    Lost ???

    What happens to 90 day reporting after 30 April is unknown. Just have to wait and see. Hopefully they will come up with a solution that avoids lots of people turning up at the same time but I am not confident. Fortunately my next 90 day is not due until the end of May so hopefully it will be sorted out by then.😊
  18. To be fair I do not think the temperature guages they use are very accurate. The readings I have had in various places have not been consistent including one time varying by nearly 1 degree C within less than an hour in 2 different bars on WS.
  19. Have a look at NDTVi's latest youtube vid on Walking Street and Soi6. It is eerie.😨
  20. I'm doing my best.🍺🍺🍺
  21. I have rarely got the confirmation e-mail. The majority of time I have gone back into the system to check the status to see it has been approved.
  22. My recollection was that the traffic on Beach Road was moving even slower than normal prior to the turn of the year. The absence of the tour coaches, and lots of other visitors, means traffic now flows fairly freely despite the roadworks.
  23. Only because there has been a lot less traffic than normal over the last couple of months.😁
  24. Thappraya Rd / Jomtien 2nd Rd Junction. Concreting complete on the right hand lane of each carriageway. The southbound carriageway on 2nd Rd is now blocked off just after the lights with a contraflow system operating on the northbound carriage way. The exact layout seems to change every few days. (Apologies for the quality of the photo).
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