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  1. Yes, they use the same restaurant space. Only the kitchens are separated.
  2. I was in Simple Simons yesterday and they have the Tetleys one cup bags. They also had PG Tips and Yorkshire tea bags which did not say 'one cup' on the box.Anyway even if Brian doesn't find the tea he wants there it's worth a look just to see the type of stuff that is available out here in a relatively small outlet.
  3. I'm not a tea drinker so don't really notice which places stock Tetley. However if you can't find them at places like Tesco, Friendship, Villa etc, Siambury's on Soi Khao Talo advertise them. KPK on Soi Yume near Big C Extra can also be a good source of falang treats.Good luck.
  4. No local Wetherspoons then? Thought they did a breakfast for about £3 and I would expect them to serve food throughout the day.
  5. It seems time has been called on the latest iteration of Wok n Rok. They mention problems with staffing and location as the reasons for closure.
  6. Checked today and the application has been validated, (I couldn't access the system yesterday). I managed to print out the spproval today so job done for another three months. I have to admit though that it is now probably easier and marginally less time consuming to do the report at immigration in Jomtien. TIT.
  7. Yes. They've got a place on Soi Chayapreuk that they do takeaways and deliveries from. The Soi Buakhao and LK outlets are long gone.
  8. According to the Facebook page their delivery drivers are sick. Last update was on 7 August. They've always had a reputation for being unreliable as far as keeping to regular opening times is concerned.
  9. Good point. Breakfast at the Lek was a once in a lifetime experience!!! I also stayed at the Nana Hotel on my first trip to Bangkok. Another rite of passage for newbies at the time.😀
  10. I only ate the Lek breakfast once during one of my early trips around 2005/6 when I was staying at the Dynasty. I can't remember the exact price but thought it was more than 100 baht, maybe 120-150 baht. IIRC at the time they had a voucher scheme where you could prepay for 10 breakfasts and get a discount. Talk about masochism.😀
  11. Haha. Just completed the submission and thought it was very smooth. Sounds like the rest of the process might not be so efficient. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. I noticed that too but, maybe, the OP thought City Garden was so close to 2nd road it fell within his criteria.
  13. I looked at the rates at a TG booth today and they were showing 43.45 for GBP compared to 43.75 -43.8 at TT. So their rates are poor and if you opt to use a credit card you will be charged a minimum of 300 baht plus whatever extras your card provider levies.
  14. It's easy enough to do it online without paying an agent. From what you have said you have around six months to book flights and hotels. Most hotels can organise a taxi to pick you up from the airport which is only a few 's kms outside Siem Reap. From what you have said on here, I would avoid the land route as you might be too knackered from the journey to enjoy Angkor Wat, there is a lot of walking around in the heat quite often on uneven surfaces. You can get an e-visa for Cambodia before you go and staple it into your passport. This avoids the queue at the airport but the process there is fairly straightforward anyway.
  15. Bars in Jomtien open. Kinnaree open. Not heard of any closures on social media so far.
  16. I'm fairly sure that TT is cash only. No harm in asking about a cash advance but don't rely on it.
  17. I've never noticed a Premier Inn on Soi Dianna. Googling 'Premier Inn Pattaya' brings up a number of results on the various booking sites but clicking on the links takes you to the Travellodge on Soi 15.
  18. I always assumed that the hotel was next to the bar complex, possibly down a side alley, but I have never bothered to confirm that.
  19. I'm not surprised you are unsure about the location of the R Con Blue complex. It was never easy to find, initially being hidden between Rehab GGB and a Tesco, with the access through a passageway between the two. Even after Rehab shut and it was replaced at the front by the Lucky Star open beer bar I reckon most passers by would be unaware of the existence of the bar complex. I visited the complex a few times after it first opened and liked the layout of the bars but they seemed to be lacking in both girls and customers so it never became a go to venue. I went into the Lucky Star bar about 12-18 months ago during their happy hour. Whilst there I had a look at the complex, which appeared to be abandoned apart from one bar. The last time I took any notice of the complex the Lucky Star bar was also closed. I guess there was too much existing competition in the area and the R Con bars didn't offer enough to drag customers away from their regular watering holes.
  20. I recall reading that it can cope with 2m swells which was why some of the early trial voyages at the start of the year were cancelled. It will be interesting to see how reliable the service is during the rainy season.
  21. Kinnaree is open but some of the GCs might take action to stay on the right side of the authorities. For instance I have just seen on Facebook that Passion have postponed their Jelly Wrestling contest due to 'unforseen circumstances'.
  22. QV still serving, not sure about the status of Lord Nelson, (thought it was closed), but I don't think those bars are the reason most people visit Soi 6!!!
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