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  1. Agreed. I've just heard, (from the manager), that a large beer bar on Thappraya Road going down to Jomtien Beach has got a 30 day closure order for being open a few minutes after their licenced hours. The evidence came from the computerised billing system.
  2. That was around July last year. After about a couple of weeks they were opening early afternoon but no dancing. Shortly after that they were back to operating as normal.
  3. My favourite place for thin crust pizza in the 250-300 baht range. Decent toppings unlike some other places which can be quite stingy. I like their buffalo wings as well. I also agree with MM re New York Pizza House. The online ordering and delivery system is very efficient and the toppings are good quality and generous. This comes at a price though as my typical order works out around 500 baht but worth every satang IMHO. I think the place on Klang that Butch referred to is Fire and Stone,(between Second and Beach Road). I have not had a pizza from there but it was getting good reviews when it first opened. I haven't seen any feedback for a while though.
  4. I've never eaten at Little India but walked past many times. They seem to have some well priced specials but main menu items are inline with other mid-range priced Indians; chicken jalfrezi is about 240 baht IIRC.
  5. I ate in Naandos the other night. They have basically just taken the Country Favourites menu and increased the prices of most dishes by just over 10%; my chicken Jalfrezi was 220 baht compared to 195 at CF; chicken tikka has increased by over 20% from 210 to 260 baht. Taken on top of price increases of around 15-20% when CF relaunched its menu last year means Naandos cannot be considered as cheap. On the other hand they now do free delivery in Central Pattaya and charge 50 baht elsewhere, (I used to pay 100 baht for delivery to Pratumnak). The portion size was comparable to CF which I considered generous compared to other places like Little India in Jomtien which charges a similar price. The quality of the Jalfrezi was again comparable to CF although maybe not as rich. The garlic naan bread was OK but I did wonder if it had been reheated rather than freshly cooked. The impression I got with the restaurant is that they don't really know what to with it. The place was empty when I got there and lacked any ambience. The walls at the front of the shop are bare apart from a few screens although there is a Retox sign and a few sports pictures towards the back. The furniture is also a bit of a mish mash, with barrels and barstools at the front and cheap but comfortable restaurant furniture further back. The Thai service girl was pleasant enough but I got the impression she didn't understand the menu as she took my order by number. Overall I felt I was ordering Indian food in a pub, (albeit with a much wider selection of dishes), rather than a more authentic Indian restaurant. I'll try a delivery at some stage but I don't think Naandos is going to be my go-to Indian restaurant to the same extent that CF was.
  6. Isn't there already a law that they can't be rented out for less tha a month anyway? I seem to recall that there was some attempt to enforce the legislation last year but as with similar initiatives it didn't last long.
  7. Metro probably the perfect fit. Nickys fits the bill as well and has a pool table. Retox Game On and Robin Hood only a short walk away.
  8. tallguy

    Bite Me!

    Retox Extra seems to be being used as an overspill for the nearby Retox. They announced on FB that it was opening but there wasn't really any big promotion.
  9. tallguy

    Bite Me!

    I don't think the information re Bite Me opening in Naklua is reliable. The Bite Me Facebook page has not been updated since the end of Jan and there has been no promotion by the owner on the various Pattaya food groups on FB.
  10. I agree with Jacko's assessment of the market. There is a huge oversupply of condos in Pattaya and although developers try to keep advertised prices high there are a lot of bargains around if you are in a position to buy. However, the oversupply means that properties are difficult to rent or sell if you expect a reasonable return on your investment.
  11. Yes I saw Jacko's post. As I said my last visa run was 2 1/2 years ago. Since then the government has cracked down further on these trips so maybe 2500 baht is the going rate now. I did look at the 5 Star Visa website, (the one that runs from The Sportsman), this morning and noticed that they offer a discount of up to 200 baht if you book in advance. This takes the price down to 2600 baht for the 6 seater minibus compared to 2500 baht for the standard minibus with Key Visa. I know which I'd choose but as they say, 'up to you'.
  12. Last time I had to do a visa run was about 2 1/2 years ago. I think prices had increased at that time because of increases in the Cambodian visa fees, (that's what I recall being told anyway). The visa run was organised through Key Visa who charged 2200 baht for a standard mini-bus. I suspect that might be one of the cheapest available. Unfortunately I don't take much notice of current visa run prices.
  13. As I mentioned earlier the Hole in the Wall on Soi Buakhau sells gaeng bpaa it also does gaeng som. The Beer Garden has a large selection of Thai dishes including a section of Isaan meals which do not contain coconut milk and are likely to be spicy. EP has mentioned a couple of western focused eateries that serve gaeng bpaa. Unfortunately I cannot give more specific help but as there are a wide range of dishes from Northern and North East Thailand which do not contain coconut milk I don't think your friend will have much trouble finding something to suit his requirements in either western or Thai owned places. A lot of the western places now post menu information online which can be accessed via Facebook pages or websites, so you could identify whether these are suitable or not before you arrive in town. Bon appetit. TG
  14. Some well known geang dishes include cocunut milk including; the ubiquitous Thai green curry, gaeng kiew wan; my favourite spicy red curry, gaeng pet, and; the yellow curry with potatoe, gaeng garai.
  15. Gaeng bpaa, (jungle curry), is originally from the North of Thailand and does not contain coconut milk. They sell it at the hole in the wall on Soi Buakhau and I expect it is widely available elsewhere, There are also versions of Tom Yum which do not have coconut milk, (check out Wikipedia).
  16. Only one girl playing on the local Soi yesterday and she got bored after about half an hour, The worst thing was the bloody awful music they were blasting out from the bar.
  17. Yesterday was like a normal day in Jomtien. Traffic levels were back to normal and none of the bars I saw showed any signs of water fighting. There was a small amount of water being thrown as I walked from and back to Pratumnak but it was mainly groups of small children throwing water amongst themselves. At one small bar on Soi 4 there were a few Thai girls throwing water amongst themselves. The local bar were they were playing with water earlier has stopped over the last couple of days but will be playing in the 19th.
  18. Thanks for the pics. That's an impressive walk. How much distance did you cover?
  19. So far I have avoided the worst of the water throwing. Thursday I stayed around the condo and today there is plenty of sport on to keep me entertained. Yesterday I walked into Jomtien but was on my way back along the beach towards Pratumnak before the water throwing started. There was a lot of traffic along Jomtien Beach Road with many groups of Thai families coming in for the day. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of discomfort they will put up with. Amongst the many fully loaded pickups and songthaews I noticed a convoy of 4 or 5 yellow songthaews crammed with Thais which I believe came all the way from Chonburi. A further thing I noticed was the amount of rubbish that had accrued in just the first day. All the bins were overflowing with rubbish. There was a refuse truck going along the beach collecting rubbish but it was barely making a dent in the piles of garbage. I dread to think what it will be like by end of the holiday period. On the way home I popped into Kinnaree and Heaven. It was still early when I arrived at Kinnaree but there were maybe 20 girls there by the time I left around 2.30 and not too many customers. Heaven has been quite good the last few times I have been there but yesterday was the day after a party and there were only 5 or 6 girls there who were all occupied. There has been a bit of water throwing in one of the local bars but it's only been a few of the ladies using the small buckets to throw water amongst themselves and the occasional willing passer by. Sorry no pictures as I have been leaving my phone at home. I might go into Pattaya tomorrow,but then again I might not.
  20. Papa Go Go I think. Not sure how long it lasted but the premises still house a business, Papa Cocktails?, connected to Papagayo.
  21. But Shanghai is still operating as a beer bar, I also think that a mainly Aussie golf society operates out of there so not as complete a closure as some of the other names mentioned.☺
  22. Submarine lasted a good 2-3 years. Probably longer than Mash, which shared the same ownership, but even Mash was probably open for a couple of years. Of the more recent LK GGBs I would say that Funhouse, which lasted about 6 months, and Climax, in the same location, probably operated for a similar timeframe before being converted to an open bar, were the shortest lived. I'm not sure how long some of the early unsuccessful LK GGBs like Google (?) And Gentlemens' Memories lasted, but they seemed to turnover fairly quickly.
  23. I remember going in Blue Lagoon in the Best Friend complex several times over maybe a year. It was no TQ but I don't think it qualifies as the shortest lived GGB. Re other bars mentioned elsewhere. Byblos was around for several years I just think people may not have noticed it because of its location. Illusion next to Secrets, I only went in a couple of times when it first opened but think it struggled on for a while. As far as the shortest lived bar is concerned. I recall seeing posters for the opening of a small bar on Soi 15, (Easy something?), on several separate occasions over the years but it never seemed to open. Wasn't there also supposed to be a GGB half way up the New Simon Complex that Ed the ex FLB manager was going to run. That didn't last long.
  24. I know a few people who seem to have apps on their phones which perform a similar function. Might be worth looking into, especially if you can find a free one.
  25. Is that the Cloughie who said to the players that, he didn't care what they'd won because, 'everything you've won, you've won by cheating'. He didn't so much lose the dressing room as throw it away with the rubbish.☺
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