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  1. Hi I am on the 3rd floor Evergreen wing internet was dropping out, spoke to the girls at the desk and they sent a guy round to fix it within an hour looks a lot better now
  2. Hi I will be there tomorrow afternoon, never had any problems with the wifi at the Areca but the wifi in perth is really slow, will report on how I find it this time there.
  3. Thai $712 Jet Star $262 saving $450 less $100 each way if you require luggage and a meal saving now $250 on the return ticket. 5 to 6 hours in Singapore airport will see you buying meals and drinks at airport price will soon eat into this savings and you still have the inconvenience of a long stop over each way.
  4. With a 5 - 6 hour stop over in Singapore each way is it worth saving the money instead of flying direct with Thai
  5. Hi Have stayed there many times always plenty of Thai girls with the guys, should have no problems. Its a great hotel
  6. Hi Looking to have a Wisdom Tooth removed at Dental Smile Pattaya on 3rd Road. Any one had any recent experience with this Dental Surgery. Thanks Glynn
  7. change password

  8. Hi Looking at flying Air Asia into the old airport in Bangkok, what are the choices of transport down to Pattaya from there. I have taken Bells bus in the past but Air Asia was flying into the new airport then. Thanks for any help you can offer Glynn
  9. Thanks but they have nothing. Looks like we might have to sleep on the beach
  10. Thanks Glynbuk but she has nothing available
  11. Hi i know this is getting late but does any know of a one bedroom apartment available in View Tally 6 prefalaby a lower floor fromm the middle of January for a month Thanks
  12. Thanks for the info much appriciated Glynn
  13. Hi All Does anyone have any recent first hand knowledge of this hotel Thanks for any info you can give Glynn
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