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  1. Qatar Prices for November just jumped £35 overnight. Thats consolidators and Qatar themselves.
  2. Criminals? The place was full of them. Back in the 80's Patts was a great place, very very little trouble, no problems with streetwalkers or Katoeys etc. Many British Crims were living free on the Costa's in Spain.due to no extradition orders. Then Spain Joined the EEC, Extradition and Police arrests became the norm. A few weeks after this I arrived in Pattaya for a 2 week stay. Went to my normal place in the Marine Bar downstairs (when it was HUGE. And oh dear there were a shitload of rather well known British crims and their minders. Several days later I got talking to a Brit in a Bar and he said that they had bought up several complete floors of some apartment blocks and a few bars too. To me that was the start of the rot. I returned to Patts around 6 months later and heard about one of those crims being found at the bottom of a well in Jomtien, I also didnt like what I was seeing in Patts, and that strange sort of wild happy feeling was gone. I never went back untill last year for just a few days and though the place had changed drastically it seemed a lot better. I have heard whispers that many crims moved out or were pushed out up to the Da Nang and Na Trang area of Vietnam? who knows eh?
  3. I always got my stuff from MBK in Bkk Friend got me the latest MS Office a few weeks back and it runs fine
  4. http://kodinolimits.com/kodi Just watched Arrival and Passengers
  5. For TV films and Sport. Amazon Firestick then load Kodi the get Kodinolimits Magic. It gets everything. Or just Load Kodi onto your laptop then Kodinolimits or 'The Beast'
  6. If youre doing your hotel booking via any of the online agencies please ensure you check if the price includes all the taxes as the prices can be very deceptive.
  7. Just checked the fare for a friend and Economy on Qatar UK>BKK is now £306 return !!
  8. Back in the 80's I always put. Oriental Hotel Bangkok. Never had a problem with that.
  9. Just a follow up. Having checked on Qatar website, if you register as a premium member and then pay with your ticket with Visa you get a 15% discount on the air fare portion of the fare but not the tax. Doing this would bring the rate down for my similar dates down to around the £320 return rate.
  10. Just got a LHR-BKK-LHR ticket on Qatar for £311 via Skyscanner. Going out end of October. Chuffed !! Ill wait to get my Saigon ticket when Im in BKK
  11. Im amazed the state Government has that much money !!
  12. I sent the required email requesting the membership forum last week but nothing yet ?? How long does it usually take?
  13. If I remember correctly the Queen Vic faces about half a dozen noisy bars so god help you if you get a roadside room
  14. I wont even fly Non Stop to Bangkok and Perth is a dump I wouldnt wish on anyone
  15. Thanks guys. I used Skyscanner and the cheapest for next November came up around the £160 to £180 rate. I'm pretty au fait with airfares but know that sometimes the tickets are cheaper if bought from the departure airport. DM isnt a problem for me
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