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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. MLC................. Good luck. I had a 100% blocked artery in the left ventricle and ended up with three stents to fix the problem. The operation was interesting because I was awake the entire time. The action wasn't in my chest but in the groin area which was strange to me. You lie on the bench with about 6 medico's studying your tackle. No time for niceties, if things are in the way they just grab it and move it. You get more action than a hand job in Windmills Of course you don't think about this with a big screen over your chest with live action of our heart. The proced
  2. I stayed in D Apartments about 3 years ago.so They referred t it as the New Wing I assume there is an Old Wing as well. I paid about 1000 baht pr night over the Songkram week. We are not talking about 5 star accommodation but it was comfortable friendly and clean. I liked the pool but I wasn't doing laps. They were very accommodating with my visitors with no extra costs. Good value for money and an easy stroll to Made in Thailand complex if you want company
  3. A few years ago I broke a front tooth and the quote in Australia was about $8000, Now I could have shopped around but I thought why not combine a trip to LOS, Armed with X rays an dental records I booked into my usual guest house in Soi Lengkee and I started visiting a few clinics. I must have dropped into about 12 places and realised that they all had the same pricing structure, It's no surprise that the dental clinics are big flash buildings but I was surprised that I couldn't see a dentist for a few days and very few of the reception staff spoke English. Tired and exhausted I h
  4. I usually fly budget airlines so my choices of seat selection is limited but i still hate a 5 hour flight on the A320 airbus unless I get an aisle seat. My concept here is to look for a single seat allocated next to a window and then choose the aisle. I reason that most people will avoid the middle seat so the odds of getting a vacant seat next to you increase are much better. I flew Thai air lines to london a few years ago and chose an aisle seat on the window side of an A340. This had 3 seats either side and 4 in the middle.and I was more than a little horrified when I realised that the
  5. I doubt that I would past the "UNDOMESTICATED" requirement so its unlikely that I would need to be concerned about the manner in which miscreants are thrown out. I am only taking a guess but the xmas staff pictures might look ke this which would explain the no sex policy Might also need to google "unsullied"
  6. don't they get pissed off when you draw on their tables?
  7. I stayed in D Appartment hotel for two weeks over Songkram a few years ago. 348/17 M. 9 Soi Bukhao Chonburi 20150 I assume it is the same place. The hotel is in two parts and I chose the new building so you might get conflicting comments if you talk to an "old building" resident. The rooms were big and roomy. If my memory is accurate there were two beds in the room. A queen size and a Single. The rooms were clean and fresh with standard amenities. Fridge, safe TV ensuite bathroom tiled floors etc. There is a nice little pool on the top floor of the new building which was well
  8. Just read this on a Scoot website, .... If you are a Guest of Size who requires 2 seats, please make your booking via our Call Centre at least 3 days before departure. Failure to do so may result in you being denied transportation. Fares and fees for 2 guests apply. The question is what constitutes a "Guest of Size who requires 2 seats"....it is an Asian airline so they may not be catering for my 135 kg frame/
  9. I made my post in good faith but things have changed a lot since I was there.I think the bar was called Rehab but the Gogo didn't do very well and shut soon after opening. It was a pity because the spent up big on video walls and a very good sound system. The bar obviously took on new names and was called "Lucky Star bar" at one time. Behind the Lucky Star bar you could walk up stairs to a complex with 20 or 30 bars I quite liked the concept of a 3 story complex of beer bars with comfy leather couches but it was too much for Pattaya and I never saw the bars fully open. One or two bars would s
  10. The pool is in the car park and the drinkers in the beer bar can watch you swimming up and down. This didn't worry me but when the place was brand new there was a story that the plumbing had problems with the vents so the sewerage smell would back up in the rooms. This was 2 years ago so. I assume that things have changed but just in case see if you can find someone with recent knowledge. My only reservation is that its a walk to LK metro and if the baht buses aren't running at night you have a fair walk to get home.
  11. I usually fly JetStar which is because they offer the cheapest fare on my routes. They also have newer airplanes which equates to safer conditions in my mind. Can't say that the service is better than anyone else but it is acceptable. I have a few choices in seat selection which includes paying $9 to choose a seat, $19 to choose an up front seat and $39 to sit in the exit row which have extra leg room. Unfortunately, the flight has a stop in Singapore so they charge a further $25 for extra leg room on the Singapore to BKK section which makes a total of $74 extra on a flight that might
  12. My Soi of choice is Soi Lengkee which is good because I stay in guest houses opposite the Ned Kelly bar, will stop in the Ned Kelly for an occasional beer and get my food from the street carts out side the Family Mart or from the small eatery next to Ned Kelly. The problem is that the road is wide enough to double as race tack and it seems that the idea is to start at the 3rd road end on a scooter and go as fast as you can until you hit the Soi Diana intersection. I don't know how many gears those scooters have but is seems mandatory to reach top gear well before "Le Private" making enoug
  13. I have "walked" down this road many times in a state where I could easily fall arse over tit. Now if the fix all the pot holes what excuse can I use?
  14. Georges,,,,,,, Before coming to Pattaya you need to stand in front of a mirror and say "g'day mate" and "How ya goin', mate." You see that the police just don't like the French but of course they love Australians so you need to trick them into thinking that you come from the land down under. You might like to try throwing in a "ken Oath" or a "good onja" just to convince them. Just kidding George..I'm sure that the Thais have forgiven the French for the 1941 war.... apart from the Victory monument there is hardly a mention of it.
  15. Its about respect. Whenever you add testosterone with alcohol you are likely to encounter some guys who can't handle things and they will be shown the error of their ways. Even then it takes a fair bit of provocation before the Thai security staff get involved. Best plan is to make sure that you are not the one who is out of control. I find that if you respect the girls, respect the mamasan, respect the other drinkers and respect the bar admin you won't go far wrong.
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