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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thinking about the question again; for the late games, Richman Poorman on soi 9 Jomtien Beach Road could be an option.
  2. Frasers and Hemingways are probably the most likely venues in Jomtien but I doubt they will be open late enough to see the full game. As Phil suggests your best bet will be to go into Pattaya.
  3. I have not seen any enforcement of the no standing on back of baht buses rule. I have seen plenty of people standing on the back of baht buses and no action taken by the BiB when they go past checkpoints. The DL licence fines could have a big impact for some, the fines will apply to Thais as well but I don't think the new rules have come into force yet. (I don't drive so have not paid too much attention to these changes).
  4. Prepare to be swamped with old copies of 'Metro'.😂
  5. The Premier League probably makes more money than the other major European leagues but Real Madrid and Barcelona are arguably the two highest profile clubs on the continent.The main leagues in Europe are in England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France. Hard to rank them accurately although France is probably the weakest, least competitive of the five.
  6. Maybe you could review the Golf Club bbq nights in your steak thread. It's a while since I have eaten the steak there but seem to remember they used crossbred beef and a 400gm steak was around 400-500 baht.
  7. Walking past My Way the other day I noticed on sign on the door saying, 'closed due to circumstances'. Is this a short term or a long term closure?
  8. Mr T. He has an office just off Soi Dianna.
  9. While Ashley's there they're about as relevant as your native Darlington. I doubt Rafa will be there at the end of the season and can see them flirting with the bottom three.
  10. I took a stroll up Walking Street during the day time a couple of months ago and was surprised to see some high end places aimed at Indians at the southern end of the street. I have read reports that these places do decent business. There is also a large Indian dance club near Alcazar. It's been there a while so I assume it does OK. I guess these places appeal to the wealthier Indians who like to drink bottles of JW Black and flash the cash. Alternatively the Bangladeshi / Indian owned GGB on Pattayaland 2 didn't last long.
  11. As a two week holiday maker I didn't spend much time in that area. By the time I started staying around the Buakhau / Dianna area on longer trips Shenanigans had moved to The Avenue. I did enjoy the carvery there as an occasional treat, I especially enjoyed the prawns on the salad bar. Unfortunately it did go downhill a bit during the year or so before Shenanigans closed.
  12. If the roasts and carvery at Robin Hood are mediocre what does that say about other offerings around town? I think it ranks amongst the best options available and compares favourably to the much vaunted Sportsman carvery. In the past I have tried the carveries at Jolly's and Robin's Nest and came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with a carvery where the best parts of the meal are the soup and the ice cream. The main positives on the Robin Hood Sunday Carvery are the quality of the meats and the inclusion of lamb, (this forced the Sportsman to start including lamb in their carvery price again). I like the fact that they include a proper cooked dessert, although this varies from week to week, rather than just a couple of dollops of ice cream. Some of the soups, like Jacko's mushroom soup and the pumpkin soup maybe a bit bland, but the carrot and ginger soup was better than expected, and the tomato and basil soup is very good. The daily carvery offered during the week is a welcome improvement on reheated roasts offered by other places.
  13. I took a look at this complex a few weeks ago. The entrance is even more obscured than before as there is a taxi kiosk in front of the steps. There are only two bars open, on the left hand side. These bars are pretty much opposite the entrance to the Blue Ocean Hotel and appeared to get some business from hotel guests.It's a shame this complex didn't take off, I liked the bars in there and it had potential. The problem was that most people driving, or even walking past, wouldn't know it was there. There are more bars open on Action Street but not a lot of action, It can't help that the first bar on the right is full of ladybugs and the bars opposite only have a few, not particularly attractive, girls.
  14. A good starting point might be the special the Retox group do on a Wednesday. They do a chicken tikka masala with pillau rice, naan bread a popadom and mint yoghurt for 149 baht. It normally includes a glass of San Miguel draft as well but last week they had run out of the 'promotion' beer. It's not the biggest portion, but for 149 baht you can't complain. The sauce is not too spicy and contains a decent amount of chicken breast. I prefer Retox Game On on Soi Honey of the Retox venues. Other venues worth considering are Curry Home on Soi Buakhau, just south of Soi Lengkee and Real India in Jomtien, both of which have a good selection of dishes to suit most tastes.
  15. Where do you get the idea that the time saved in the taxi is only 15 mins each way? Before this trip it was a long time since I had been to UTP but even then I recall the journey time as being under 1 hour. This time the journey times to UTP were around 45-50 mins door to door. Over the many trips I have done to Swampy over the years I don't recall any that have been significangly below 1 1/2 hours and most have probably been slightly over. In terms of the overall journey the time saved is not particularly significant but your figure of 15 mins is an exaggeration.
  16. Local salons shouldn't be more than a few hundred baht, giving her 500 bsht should be more than enough.
  17. I've been back in Pattaya for about a week now. At some stage I might get around to writing a fuller review of the experience. I think the move to the smaller plane on the U-Tapau - Doha leg was down to the lack of demand. On the outbound trip the smaller plane was only half full even after picking up passengers in Yangon. However, the small 8 seat business cabin was relatively full, so there are unlikely to be any great savings by taking this route instead of flying from Swampy. Overall the flights were good.
  18. From what I have read I am not expecting a lounge at U-Tapau but the Thai lounge they use at Swampy is shit anyway.They only good lounge I expect to see on this trip is in Doha. The one they use in Manchester is crap as well but once you get on the plane things improve dramatically.
  19. I am due to fly UTP-Doha-Manchester next week. When I booked I got a very good price on business class, a lot cheaper than going from Swampy. At the time all four legs of the trips were on 787s but the UTP-Doha legs have now changed. First the plane has been changed to an Airbus 319 with a much smaller business section and there is also a 1 hour stop in Yangon each way.
  20. The chef's gone back to India, he's supposed to be back mid-June, but who knows? Try Curry Home on Soi Buakhao, Little India on Soi Dianna is also popular, plenty of options available for Indian food in Pattaya.
  21. You're thinking of Mr T who still has on an office in the same place just off Soi Diana. I always thought Mr Toom was based in Bangkok.
  22. It's a return price , the sale supposedly ends today, no special codes.There are only 4 Qatar flights in and out of UTP per week so you may need to play around with the dates to get decent layovers. I flew the Qatar 787 business on a couple of legs on my UK trip last year and thought they compared well to what Etihad and Emirates offer up, especially if they happen to be significantly cheaper.😊
  23. I've just booked U-Tapao - Manchester for June, just under 71k baht for business class. All legs on 787 and layovers in Doha around 2 1/2 - 3 hours, just time to get through security and a short time in the lounge. Looking at the U-Tapao website there are no flights from China scheduled to arrive within a few hours of the Qatar flight so shouldn't be a problem unless there are delays.
  24. And not a very sensible title to post on a Thai based forum. What do the mods think?
  25. Decent wine at reasonable prices. I agree with Jacko, lots of falang comforts available around Patts if you are willing to pay the price, e.g. Heinz Beans about £2 for a can and Cream of Tomato Soup about £3. I still go back to the UK once a year so make the most of the opportunity to enjoy the things that I choose to do without here.
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