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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. The Chocolate Factory is a large tourist trap located near the Cosy Beach Hotel in the Pratumnak area. It's clientele appears to be mainly 'Hi-So' Thais down from Bangkok for the weekend. There are two fairly large outdoor seating areas with great views over to Koh Larn. I guess that their speciality is desserts but they also serve main courses. I've only been in once just after it opened and IIRC prices were relatively high but not extortionate. Inside the main building there is some more seating but a large area is used for selling souvenir chocolates, cakes and other confectionary. At 30 baht for an individual chocolate it would be easy to build up a large bill for souvenirs. Personally I prefer the Sky Gallery next door which has a far more relaxed feel to it. There are a couple of other touristy places along that stretch of road, Cliff Seaview Restaurant and Liquid Pool Club. I have some pictures I could post if there is some demand but feel that this area is a bit out of the way for most BMs.
  2. Good advice from Butch but surprised he states the cost of a tourist SIM is 1000 baht. I live here so it's a while since I bought a SIM but remember it as being nearer 100 baht plus some airtime. Also as it's the OP's first trip to Pattaya I assume he doesn't know anyone in Patts he needs to call, so he could wait to purchase a SIM in Patts, (at a 7-11 or Tukcom for example).
  3. If they are including all the copying on the 100 baht then that wouldn't leave a lot of margin for the work involved but 500 baht seems excessive for filling in a form and taking a few copies.
  4. Why not try the online reporting system before handing over 800 baht to an agent who will do fuck all for the money.
  5. I don't see Brian's comments as particularly negative, more like a useful heads up to help a newbie avoid some of the pitfalls that could spoil a night or even a holiday. In particular I think the advice about using the room safe and keeping valuables out of sight of overnight guests is a sensible precaution. Just because you haven't had anything stolen doesn't mean it doesn't happen. JMHO.
  6. As long as you have everything in order it's a piece of piss.
  7. I did my retirement extension at immigration the other day and was surprised to be presented with a new form to fill in. I don't think the form is available on line but it is actually easy to complete. There are two parts to it; the first part confirms that you are aware of the changes in circumstances that would invalidate the visa and; the second part confirms that you are aware of the penalties for overstay. (Apologies I did not take a picture of the form). On the plus side I got there earlier than planned and was finished by 8.35am on the first day. The busiest area seemed to be the small office for TM 30 reporting. The majority of people who were ahead of me in the queue when the doors opened headed to that area. This seems to be a bureaucratic nightmare for very little benefit. Yesterday when I went back to pick up my passport I was stranded in the restaurant next door when the heavy rain caused severe flooding at the top of Soi 5 and the car park. Maybe something to consider if your visit to immigration is likely to coincide with heavy rain.
  8. I haven't used travellers cheques for years but I recall the banks increased the charge for cashing them to 150 baht per cheque. I don't know what the charge is now but TCs are no longer as economical to use in comparison to ATMs. If you are going to use them get large denominations.
  9. Iŕrelevant now, they've packed up and gone back to the UK / Ireland.
  10. Nof the first time this has been said over the last few years. Very sad and unforgiveable.
  11. Dental Art Clinic on Soi Buakhau near Cafe Pittini. Used them for a few things from cleaning to a root canal.
  12. There is some major construcion work going on at the 2nd Road end of Mike's shopping mall, There is no access to the mall from 2nd road. Art street has been knocked down and the cut through from beach road to 2nd road is blocked. You can still access Mike's from Beach Road.
  13. Definitely get the hep a. The hep b is 3 shots over an extended time period, I think 3 months, so too late to be fully protected for this trip. There is a risk of catching hep B, but can be mitigated by avoiding things like; unprotected sex, dental surgery, tattoos etc.
  14. Dianna Inn was at the Second Road end of the Soi. Dianna Dragon near Buakhau is still there.
  15. I've been in once. I won't be rushing back.
  16. Yup, a guy who lives in my building came in a little bit later and he was getting a bit twitchy as the clock moved towards midday. However, it looked as though they were dealing with everyone who had been given tickets before taking their break.
  17. I think you need to rethink your budget. At 10k per month you are mainly going to find studios most of which will be either small or old and the chances of getting a washing machine and a western kitchen are even lower. I think Centre condo on Pattaya Tai might have some of the cheapest 1 beds but they were nearer 15k when I was looking a few years ago. Nevertheless you might get lucky.
  18. My attempt at using the online system failed this time. I don't think I have managed to use it for two successive reports yet. Visited Soi 5 today around 11am and surpriaed that were just over 40 people in front of me and only one guy on the desk. However, he was getting through the work pretty quickly and the wait was around 45-50 mins.
  19. After talking to a couple of regulars in a local bar on Wednesday night I decided to walk up to Big Bhudda Hill yesterday morning as Pattaya was likely to be very busy. I eventually walked up there around 10 am. When I first got there it was not very busy but more people were starting to turn up by the time I left. Looking at the pictures from Wat Chai though it is not surprising that Big Bhudda was relatively quiet. As seemed to be happening elsewhere the refreshment stalls were handing out free soft drinks and snacks. I also had a wander around the Chinese garden which is always very peaceful.
  20. I think Bazle got it right with the suggestion that the local police and military had different ideas about how the day should be observed. Don't be surprised about anything that happens in the bars until the end of the month. 'Interesting times' indeed.😊
  21. I wonder if this ban will go the same way as the ban on travelling in the back of pick-ups?
  22. Unless you are aware of some initiative to revitalise that bar complex in the next few months I wouldn't worry about it. I bet a lot of customers on Soi Buakhau don't even know it is there. At one stage they were renting the upper units out at 100 baht per day and had filled most of them. However, after high season they were all vacant again.
  23. So far no price increases in the bars I have been in or the local 7-11s. However, I am aware that some of the local bars are considering putting prices up by 5 baht per bottle. I don't think this is unreasonable as they have absorbed previous small increases in wholesale prices, at some stage the price was bound to increase.
  24. Yes, they use the same restaurant space. Only the kitchens are separated.
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