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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Oh, now I get it. Google Translation is truly a double-edged sword. Here is my edit and what it was supposed to say. "I delete" = *ideally* one that will pick up..... BJW
  2. Hi, Yorta, why do you question if my post of about 12 hours ago should be deleted? It is an open and active inquiry for information that I much need. If there is something not appropriate about it, please let me know, otherwise, blessed be the general rule that says if you cannot provide information in response to a post then don't reply. Brad. ExpatAtty.Ret
  3. Thanks, Tallguy, I've spent several hours now looking around on that Oracle group, and have been able to find some useful information. Thanks for the tip. The only thing is I had sworn off of Facebook because of their Cavalier treatment of information that is true, not true and plain old farcically made up, but in the strict Personal self-interest Department I will get over that and limit my FB use to getting the information I need to get my life the way I want it in Pattaya. Quick question for you oh, if you know, how many of the members in this party at Forum live there now or did
  4. Sorry for my scattered thoughts, but specific suggestions as to exactly where and how to place a seeking help type ad, bulletin boards, classifieds, Etc, is really welcome.Expat....Brad
  5. Oh, yeah. I would really prefer to avoid using an agency. It just seems to add in a layer of cost and hassle that is unnecessary. Plus, and agencies job is to place the people who sign up with it, and they are likely to tend to do that irrespective of the kind of fit and match between you and the domestic. BJW
  6. Hey. I don't plan on banging the maid, LOL. That's why God made Go-Go bars and escorts, right? I've been traveling to Thailand, including Pattaya for the past 30 years, and have built up some friends here, and have, or at least had before they closed for the plague, a number of my favorite places to seek out companionship in town. The maid is to keep my place clean, the shopping done, the laundry nice and folded and pressed, Etc, so I can do my thing when I step outside the front door?. Brad ExpatAtty.Ret.
  7. After serving out my, thankfully only seven days, no quarantine quarantine in Phuket, I'm arriving in Pattaya on 20th October, 2021. I will be staying at Jomtien Penthouse or one of the same owners across the soi. I need an outside laundry service, I delete one that will pick up from my location and deliver back. Any suggestions or recommendations, or any place your experience says to avoid? Thanks very much, ExpatAtty.Ret.
  8. Hello there, I am a new member, as of about 5 minutes ago. I am actively in the process of relocating to Pattaya after just entering official retirement on October 10. I was an attorney for 36 years. Delighted to be done with that and moving on to this chapter. I am going to rent a two or three bedroom place in Pattaya, and definitely need to hire a maid because of some mobility issues I have. I walk, but have to use a walker ?. It sure did not help anything to be locked down for way over a year in the United States because of you all know what. It will be interesting to learn how best to get
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