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  1. Priorities. Man is an athlete. LOL
  2. I am almost the appropriate physique for that job. 🤪
  3. I was gonna say "what the fuck is that shit on the first plate?". 😄
  4. Have seen a lot of them. The price is extremely good. And they look OK. I have no idea if they are reliable or will hold up. I did ride in the back of one of the pickups and it wasn't very comfortable but heck, beggars can't be choosers.
  5. Here is my rant about food delivery, Those guys on scooters delivering are FUCKING INSANE!!!! End rant. 😅
  6. So yesterday I got a new job. I was so excited and then I got fired on the first day. What a bummer. I was a massuer. I don't understand why I was fired. They told me to finish on her face.
  7. Thanks. I don't think this is my issue. I play a lot of golf and it puts a strain on the soft tissue of my left hip which went away for a while when I was doing therapy. And the knees are fucked so...... But it's always good to have more information than less.
  8. Please expand. I take a statin and have LOTS of leg pain these days. Heck I don't even have bad cholesterol.
  9. Was checking out construction of my condo years back in Pattaya. 7th floor unit. Across the parking lot from the next over building. Standing there with the builder looking out the window when a guy walks out onto the balcony across from us. Swings around and catches the balcony next door and vaults across. I'm thinking there must be something to prevent him falling. Look over the edge of my balcony and nope. Nothing but 7 floors of drop to concrete. The builder and I look at each other in shock. Over drinks we posited it was someone in the wrong condo with the wrong woman when a
  10. As a cat owner I approve of the above message. 🤣
  11. Easy to see right now what was accomplished. Someone made money.
  12. That first one sets off my ladyboy alert. Could be wrong. The second one sets off my pee pee. I get a stirring in my loins. 🤣
  13. If he reopens I doubt it will be in LK Metro. I expect he will move to soi Pothole or somewhere like that. I do hope he recovers and reopens.
  14. Time expanded and opened up on the left facing the bar. People drinking there are level with custoers in Mint. Mint also upgraded the extended area a bit so it is level with the other bars. Sadly Devils Den is no longer in operation and I forget what is i thie space.
  15. It is next door so easy to confuse. last time there Time was doing a great business.
  16. Yes. And doing most of the other work as well. If I opened a business I'd poach him first day. He is a gem. And it is not Time. It is called Mint now. Lots of the old staff but under new owner.
  17. Problem with the pipes is - they make a good place to dispose of garbage. Eventually they'll clog them up. TIT.
  18. Northpoint is very nice. I met a guy lives there once. He was aiding his buddy in buying my condo and wanted to check me and the condo out to make sure his pal wasn't being scammed. I really liked Northpoint. Only issue with it is as you know going out at night isn't step out the door and you are there. And i don't ride motorbikes. But with the explosion of Bolt I think I would give serious thought to buying there if I ever move there permanently.
  19. Holy shit. That looks good. I've had Lebanese food once in my life at a buffet in Dubai and loved it. Next time in Pattaya I'm all over that. I have no idea what to order but I bet I figure it out. 😄
  20. Raju is back. He was there in January but I haven't been there since early March.
  21. Makes a dif for me. I hate sitting on a stool. Chair or sofa for me.
  22. Ahhh that brings back memories. Back in the 1974 I left Rhode Island with 4 pals in a Chevy Vega to drive down to the Charlotte Speedway for a Rock Festival. Only about 800 miles so about 16 hours each way stuck in a car with 4 other guys. While there some chemicals were ingested and we did not sleep for the entire 3 days. I was driving back and we got off the highway in DC to buy some beer. I can not believe in my condition I was still able to drive and beer seemed like a good idea. We should have been dead or in jail. Anyway I get lost in the city trying to find the highway again and
  23. Thanks. WOW. There is a lot of activity there. Useful for the future. And to see if there are any pitfalls to avoid in January.
  24. Full disclosure - the owner of Classroom is an old and dear friend. Since I sold my condo I have stayed at Classroom whenever i visit. I find it the perfect mix of Pattaya hotels with a well maintained clean serviced room, larger than normal space, nice hot shower, and some have balconies. I didn't notice sun on the balconies but honestly I don't use them anyway. So no clue about that. The curtains are blackout and no worries if you want to sleep in. It is reasonably quiet unless someone is making noise in the hallway. I've only been since the onset of Covid and customers were f
  25. I need to find this flyertalk. Another resource is always good. On the layover it's a one time deal. Coming back better connections. And I don't mind a bit of time in case there is a delay from PHX to YVR. Plus I am hoping it's a nice business class lounge with free booze. a But yeah that was the one part of the travel that added time.
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