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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I think it was the originsl (upstairs) Peppermint Palace
  2. I grew up in a tourist area where discounts for locals were sometimes available, so I can live with the idea. But while I might accept paying 100 baht instead of 75, 500 instead of 50 would be over the top nd I might well turn away. Equally, if the price is included in a pre-paid group tour, I would have no way of knowing about any 2-tier pricing.
  3. You may well have a point there - I have often wondered about the extent to which the survival of Thai Airways is seen as a matter of "face" by/for the thai government.
  4. Well, Glitter Man is still with us - I've seen him a few times in the last year, cycling around Merton in South West London.
  5. Tickets can be bought many months in advance of travel. At that time, neither the airline nor the sales staff can know what the entry requirements will be at the time of travel. At check-in time, the rules will be known and if you don't meet the requirements, you will be denied boarding because on arrival, the airline will be responsible for returning you to your departure point.
  6. PS If Prt SC doesn't work on its own, try it while holding down the Fn (Function) key.
  7. If you are using Windows 10, try this: On the top row of the keyboard, toward the right, there should be a key marked something like "Prt Sc". Press this once. This copies everything that is on the screen to the clipboard. Then fire up paint (or any other graphics package) and paste. You can then edit the image and/or save it as .jpg, .png, bmp or whatever you prefer. You should also be able to paste into Word or Wordpad, although I don't think you can then edit the image. The browser you you are using should not affect this.
  8. Be very careful of these - the "entrepreneurs" are out there - see https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/alert/coronavirus-scam-costs-victims-over-800k-in-one-month If the scammers are at it in the UK, they'll be at it everywhere
  9. Midlifecrisis has a point about the noise. I've used the Honey Inn in Soi Honey a few times. It's a nice hotel and less than ten minutes walk to LKM. The rooms at the front are reasonably quiet, but those at the back overlook LKM, and the racket from the Billabong bar has to be experienced to be believed - and it coes on until four am.
  10. I have to agree with these timings - allow a minimum of half an hour for a toilet break and finding the onward gate plus a contingency to allow for late arrival which seems to happen to me about 25% of the time.
  11. FWIW, Glitterman (in full fig) was sighted in Merton High Street, South West London yesterday.
  12. Seems they have started again, Suvarnabhumi departures show delays of several hours this mornlng, but this afteroon's flights to London left on time.
  13. I sometimes see UK newspapers on sale in shops - the price tag is mostly 200 baht.
  14. As at yesterday, PBG had the Daily Mail and USA Today Robin Hood in the Avenue also had a good selection - Mail, Sun etc.
  15. If it should happen, it will cut both ways - Europe based airlines will need permission to fly into and out of the UK. I think that there are may more of them. The bureaucrats would love it (more paper to shuffle), but the EU politicians would find themselves being heavily lobbied by some of their own powerful interests.
  16. Thank you Frosty I wasn't online at the time, but your efforts are very much appreciated.
  17. I tell everybody that I come to visit friends, so it would look a bit odd if I stopped suddenly
  18. I.m sure there are several factors involved, cost being only one. Others might be congestion in the arrivals hall and availability of gates
  19. Could well be so, but I would have thought that the buses and drivers would cost more than opening the gate - either way, the xost would only be a small proportion of the operating cost.
  20. I'm not sure that it is entirely up to the airline - when I worked in civil aviation (many years ago) gates and/or parking were allocated by air traffic control.
  21. Just a heads-up. I've been having trouble using the forum's Agoda link. This is what I get: I can get into the Agoda site by entering the URL into Firefox, but not through the forum.
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