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  1. ..... and possibly suspicious! 😊
  2. Fine on my Samsung Android 'phone, provided I zoom in.
  3. The answer is to get a Thai bank account.
  4. My experience of TT is that they are very unaccepting of absolutely anything, however minor, which is on any part of the Queen's image - even if just on the periphery.
  5. Just after 11pm on Second Road, TT . Sorry for the crappy pic - office closed so very little light.
  6. Occasionally, I have succeeded in getting a few Satangs more for 50 GBP notes, but you have to ask and often they are reluctant to agree.
  7. It was 36.60 at a TT booth a short time ago.
  8. 17:43 at TT on Soi Buakhao. GBP down more than THB up. 😢
  9. I think your opinion of "dishonest" is not the same as the definition of that word.
  10. In what way do you think they are not honest?
  11. SuperRich in BKK at 17:49 today. (Sorry for the crap picture.)
  12. TT booth on Soi Buakhao at 7.44pm today:
  13. Butch Your thoughts on this are much the same as mine. I started travelling PE on EVA about a year or so ago because I had suffered the discomfort of the 3-4-3 configuration in Economy. However, my recent flights have led me to conclude that 3-4-3 might have been withdrawn on the LHR/BKK routing. My last flight was on an obviously very recently re-furbished plane, and it was 3-3-3 in Economy. Whether it is "worth it" is a totally subjective consideration. For me it is because of the extra space, and the fact that (mostly) the more troublesome passengers travel in Economy. So I have been converted! I use my business miles to treat myself to Business Class now and again. But I don't think I could regard travelling BC as "worth it" if I had to pay the full fare.
  14. Just after 9pm at TT on Second Road:
  15. What time was that, Jacko? The GBP was 37.30 at around 2.30pm at TT.
  16. The development next to Friendship on Pattaya Tai is becoming less of a mystery! It consists of 3 buildings - two adjacent to Tai, and a larger one behind those two. The new sign on the road says "Honey Grand Body Massage" but the building at the back has more the look of serviced apartments or a hotel. It has the name of "Acqua Residence".
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