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  1. Sorry to TF but I'm curious. Are the Chinese buying them up to live in or to let them out?
  2. Could it be that the treatment of people who own their accommodation is different from those who rent?
  3. This has become a regular annoyance of mine on public transport in London. Everything from old black ladies listening to sermons, to guys taking in football matches and, inevitably, kids sharing music. I suspect it's not helped by some phones now coming without headphone jacks.
  4. "Optimistic" is not the word I would have chosen!!
  5. And what about the the soapies! ☺️
  6. Didn't Central Marina appear between Harbor and T21?
  7. Unfortunately, circumstances are such that I had to go for the one FEWER day option. 😥
  8. Yes, it is possible, that's why they quote a "selling" rate. Obviously, it will depend on whether they have the currency in stock, though. You might need to give them some notice.
  9. Surely you can simply put them on an external drive?
  10. I had a 'phone call from EVA this afternoon to say that my flight from BKK to LHR on 19 May has been cancelled. I accepted the option of 18 May. I pressed them as to the reason for the cancellation, and was told it is for maintenance. I find that surprising, and am wondering if EVA is consolidating again.
  11. .... or possibly because it wasn't funny!
  12. Worst drought in four decades looms https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1829304/keeping-taps-from-running-dry Thailand has been battling seasonal drought for decades, but this year, the Office of National Water Resources (ONWR) is worried the water shortage may get out of hand because of the potential for conflicts in drought-stricken areas. > > > Bangkok is also expected to launch a number of short-term measures to deal with the water shortage, including the deployment of extra tanks to drought-hit areas and the drilling of wells for groundwater extraction. Despite these measures, this year's drought is expected to be much more severe according to the Thai Meteorological Department's (TMD), this year's drought will be the worst in four decades. According to Mr Somkiat, this year's drought is caused by the same weather pattern that caused less-than-average precipitation to fall across Thailand last year. Last year's storms brought heavy rainfall to some areas, but it wasn't enough to replenish the four major dams which supply millions of people along the Chao Phraya river basin with water, he said. Precipitation dropped by about 30-40% and as a result, there are only enough water in Tak's Bhumibol dam, Uttaradit's Sirikit dam, Phitsanulok's Kwai Noi Bamrung Dan dam and Lop Buri's Pasak Jolasid dam to supply water for household consumption only. The Central region will be hardest hit this year, especially the 22 provinces along the Chao Phraya river basin.
  13. Were you late doing this report?
  14. Bazle


    Wot Yogi said. And if I remember correctly, Reagan was treated in the same way.
  15. Bazle


    https://pattayaone.news/thai-baht-is-facing-a-reversal/?fbclid=IwAR1qug7Zkq351jdOdCafr9B4cAm-Cyroqm8QUvDHKB592azOfadkCP-u7Qc by Mark Kelly December 23, 2019 The Thai baht’s heady gains are petering out, thanks to slowing growth and a central bank that’s bent on taming the currency’s strength. After clocking an 8 percent rise this year, Asia’s best-performing currency is losing momentum as easing United States-China trade tensions damp its appeal as a haven. Falling yields on local bonds and equity outflows are adding to the pressure. The baht has defied the broad weakness in regional currencies as investors sought refuge in Thailand’s safe but low-yielding debt. A hefty current account surplus and a sizeable pile of foreign reserves helped reel in global funds. But, the tide has started to turn. The baht has climbed just 0.1 percent in December, making it the region’s worst-performing currency. It has dropped 0.2 percent to around 30.2 per US dollar since rallying to the strongest in more than six years in October. The baht may continue this underperformance if US-China trade relations improve further as Bloomberg’s analysis of 19 emerging-market currencies shows it’s among those that are least responsive to the yuan’s move. The baht’s retreat in December came as the central bank lowered its economic growth forecasts, citing global risks. November trade data due Monday may confirm the slowing trend, with the nation forecast to have recorded its first trade deficit since April as both exports and imports shrank. The baht is expected to decline 1 percent to 30.5 per US dollar by end-2020, a performance that would put it behind all but three of its Asian peers, according to a Bloomberg survey of analysts. If Thailand’s growth weakens, this could fuel further selling in Thai stocks and weigh on the baht. The 12-month foreign outflow from domestic equities is already above the five-year average.
  16. TT at Soi Diamond / Second Road about 30 minutes ago:
  17. https://www.pattayamail.com/featured/facing-drought-people-urged-to-conserve-water-281217 Facing drought, people urged to conserve water By Jetsada Homklin -December 21, 2019 The Provincial Waterworks Authority urged Pattaya residents to conserve water amid the threat of shortages next year. PWA Pattaya Manager Sutat Nutchpan said Dec. 19 that water volumes in the Mabprachan and Huay Chak Nok reservoirs have decreased steadily, forcing the utility to slow tap-water production. In October, the PWA said Pattaya could face its greatest water shortage in more than five years due to low levels in Chonburi reservoirs feeding the city. Sutat said residents should reuse water where possible, such as using laundry and dish-washing water to water plants or even for daily showers. He said water meters should also be checked and trees – natural sources of water retention – should be preserved.
  18. Here is tonight's offering: Last night was busy here, but currently not so.
  19. RHT has become a really excellent place to eat. I hope nothing happens to change that. I'm currently there eating this, and very tasty it is too 😊: 
  20. Not sure I'd describe it quite as a "government decision". The UK has a social security agreement with PI which provides for it (like most other SS agreements that the UK has entered into). Unfortunately, there's no SS agreement between the UK and Thailand.
  21. All the information you need can be found here: https://www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com/expats/docs/ExtendingStay.pdf
  22. I usually have my main meal of the day in the evening but, yesterday, I'd had a bite to eat in the afternoon, so was looking for just something light in the evening. I was walking through The Avenue and noticed a blackboard from The Robin Hood Tavern, and thought the Lite Bite Special might be what I was looking for. Unfortunately, the menus I was given did not include the food on the blackboard - a point management needs to address. However, the waitress knew what I was talking about, and the order was duly placed. The food arrived in a reasonable time, and was delicious. I'd go as far as to say it was the tastiest food I've had in a long while. The prawns were fresh and juicy, and the sauce was soooooo good. I shall be returning!!
  23. That's a massive "if"! (I assume you mean get an overall majority, not just the most seats.)
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