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  1. https://www.thestandard.com.hk/breaking-news/section/2/154480/Thai-baht-slides-after-finance-minister-quits?fbclid=IwAR0OU7OR6dImg2V0GuewjPCW67U3prUbtyqaHmLAd30n-HSclBH_uklRnNA Thai baht slides after finance minister quits Business | 2 Sep 2020 11:31 am Thailand’s finance minister resigned less than a month after he took office, injecting more uncertainty into an economy already reeling from its worst crisis in decades. The currency tumbled the most since July. The resignation of Predee Daochai, a former co-president of Kasikornbank Pcl, will be effective from Wednesday, acc
  2. I think it is possible that that article is just badly written, and you are misconstruing it. It says: "Thailand will not be fully reopened to foreign tourists along the lines of the so-called “Phuket Model” any time soon because the government has to consider too many details, deputy government spokesperson Traisulee Traisoranakul said on Friday (August 28)." The word "fully" stands out to me. Is the article saying that the Phuket model will not spread further until the lessons of that experiment are learned?
  3. What has happened to the project to put all the wires underground?
  4. (PUBLISHED : 16 AUG 2020 AT 04:33) Pattaya will spend 160 million baht to improve the city's beach landscape in a bid to attract local tourists. The landscape redevelopment on a 4-kilometre stretch of Pattaya Beach will start in October and is expected to be finished by the end of the year, Sonthaya Kunplome, mayor of the City of Pattaya, said on Saturday. "The City of Pattaya needs to change its tourism strategy to draw local tourists to the city," Mr Sonthaya said. As well as landscape beautification, such as replacing pavements, the new project will involve building car
  5. Best of luck. You are more optimistic than I am!
  6. Are you expecting to travel just as you would have done pre-Covid?
  7. I thought Rasputin was aimed at the Koreans? As to Indians, a girl in a Sabai soapy, several years ago, told me she liked Indian customers. No problem if they are dirty because she washes them down, and they always do what she tells them - don't get out of hand.
  8. In which case, I totally agree with your comment. So bloody stupid!
  9. I suspect that they are transfers rather than tattoos, hence can be washed off.
  10. But they would need transport to get to Nirun. Not a place to walk to after dark.
  11. Perhaps I'm too cynical but I wonder what that says about how long Etihad thinks the Covid-19 problem is going to last!
  12. @forcebwithu You don't think it is going to be a car service centre?
  13. Thanks. El Pais (which is what you have quoted) has changed its story!
  14. That's not quite what El Pais is reporting. https://english.elpais.com/spanish_news/2020-06-14/spain-will-reopen-borders-to-eu-states-on-june-21-prime-minister-pedro-sanchez-tells-regional-chiefs.html Travelers from outside the European Union and the Schengen free-travel area will be permitted to enter Spain from July 1, the prime minister explained, provided there is a reciprocal agreement on travel and taking into account the epidemiological situation in the country of origin, among other factors. The United Kingdom and Ireland are outside Schengen.
  15. Probably because they expect to be paid for staying home and doing nothing!
  16. Maybe the wait is over - https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30389245?fbclid=IwAR1NH53VypJVnoqiRSSG4cX65RUu2hQrJ_G0pAAlZqVLFeTh3mtGZh7lPrA
  17. Police_phone_call.wmv
  18. "Airbus was only private corporation which passed the legacy airlines’ special bidding process for the project" ???
  19. The rate of progress doesn't seem to have sped up. Shame, as it's a great opportunity to do so in the current environment.
  20. No cancellation charge. I had booked it last September, and was due to fly on 20 April. EVA were offering to accept cancellations without charge. I had to cancel a flight 3 years ago because of an imminent bereavement, and EVA's London office were very polite and efficient. That is the only time I've needed to use Customer Service. In terms of other services, I've found EVA very good, and hope to continue flying with them.
  21. Just checked my credit card account on-line again. The refund got credited on 3 April. Deep joy!! And well done EVA!
  22. Many thanks for that, Butch. You caused me to check. On the EVA website it says: "Refund Status1 Apr. 2020:Refund completed!(it should appear on your statement in 1-2 billing cycles)". I then looked, on-line, at my bank credit card, and it hasn't appeared. ☹️ I'm not sure what EVA mean by "billing cycles". I need to monitor this closely.
  23. That's great, Butch. Thanks. Precisely what I needed to know. ?
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