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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. congrats TTT on another year of good healthy living, looked like a great night and even some new furniture ! impressed. i never see trevor in photo ? him not come or him in room trying to open suitcase ? sadly i missed ron singing again and who cum on marks face ? see you in 8 weeks my thai bruzz soi pig oink oink
  2. Happy Birthday my Thai Brother, Trevor arrive about 9:00 for party and wants to stay 1 or 2 maybe 3 nights
  3. some fine looking colts and fillies there, you look very different in photos with your clothes on GM long live soi bobby moore
  4. Congrats Adam cant make your birthday but will buy you a Tiger Light in November Cheers soi pig
  5. TTT Have you replaced the lovely Anne with that fat blonde homosexual sitting in his directors corner ?
  6. We dont give a fuck about this cricket shit anymore. We're all experts on Road Cycling these days. le cricket baiser, nous aimons Cadel
  7. What club do you follow or whos jumper do you want ? Never seen them for sale in Thailand. They are not cheap, around 3000 bht or $100 in Australian. If you are very desperate and want the real thing im in Pattaya in around 4 weeks. http://www.footyjumpers.com/ Click on Club by Club Cheers soipig (look out TTT)
  8. my mama love me mak mak, suck ladyboy tits or not lol i also have photo of you going upstairs of the Duck with the one and only Cake i hope she blow out poppa big candle
  9. x2 come on TTT post some pics, im sure you or the girls had the cams out. Any of little bro making a complete fuk of himself would be nice also. His mother loves looking at pics of him enjoying himself, if you know what i mean
  10. Its been a long time since the Mecure Pattaya has been discussed. Thinking of staying there in November. Anyone stayed there lately or heard any good/bad stories ? Some reviews say no joiner fees ! Is this true ? Any replies many thanks.
  11. Happy first anniversary 'The Drunken Duck' Havnt met Greg but all the best to TTT and my Poppa Bob. Happy birthday Kwan See you crazy bastards in November
  12. Welcome to the board young brother, grow up ya little cunt !!! Green Park has what im looking for, thanks for all your responces
  13. While im not realy one to sit around a pool in the beading heat all day its nice sometimes on the odd day to relax and have a swim. My problem is that most of the motels i have stayed at are pissant holes with no shade and only about 6 -10 sunbeds. The Metropole is a lovely hotel in a great location but the pool is totaly shithouse.Small, full of ragheads and fuk all shade. Have stayed at Areca and the pools there are better but are full on a hot day. Surely there is a motel with a pool big enough to have a swim without belting into some other cunt trying to be the next Ian T
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