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  1. Thanks for the replies. Nivla your not stopping , you've got to go to work ! Nivla
  2. Soi Unwise here.Looking to visit at Xmas. Soi Diana or Lengkee Accomodation please.
  3. Ate there last night. Lovely place,good service.The food was very tasty and plentiful.I would go again for sure. As for being western style Chinese........not IMHO but were all different as are the Chinese restraunts in England.
  4. I have booked MAN to Singapore for 1st April. I believe its a 13/14 hour flight plus 1 hr re-fuel in Germany. Any info please on food and included drinks,standard,frequency etc would be very appreciated. Cheers
  5. I would like to know if anybody has flown Singapore recently.I flew with them about 10 years ago and they were very good. What is the standard lately ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Are these prices including tax ? Are they online prices or telephone. I have seen similar prices but they never seem available. Looking for 30/3 till 14 or 15/4.Manchester or Brum with transit or Heathrow/Gatwick direct. Any help appreciated.
  7. FFS try reading the answer to the post History ( current ) suggests u are a thick cunt Ofence intended
  8. FFS No wonder MM makes u look a fool ! The words change every away game.Us villa ( non youth at 42 ) fans who attend matches know that. You should really support WBA as your a fucking yam yam. thread fuck guilty as charged
  9. fucking bummer,no offence. OHHHH The Tracey Andrews OHHHH The Tracey Andrews You put the whole knife in Whole knife out In out In out and shake it all about Do the staring face and innocent shout Thats what its all about
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