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  1. The gym is still there but no refurbishment to the hotel.
  2. It's also bad enough when they conduct a telephone conversation in a restaurant but they seem to think nothing of having the phone on speaker so we all get to enjoy both sides of the conversation.
  3. Also the recently opened Hare Krishna place on Third Road roughly opposite Buffalo Bar.
  4. The stall at Triangle Bar in Soi Chaiyaphun offers two crumpets and a tea for something like 90 baht.
  5. My info is somewhat out of date as I stayed there a few years ago when it first opened. I remember a decent sized room with a/c and ceiling fan and a comfortable, large bed, no problem with bringing guests. No room safe then but lock boxes in reception. Great location. Rates then were 600/day, 10,000/month. Would recommend. Enjoy your good holiday. Jor
  6. The room service is 07:00 to 24:00. The food is OK but not remarkable and not expensive. Don't bother with the breakfast, go outside. In-room Internet is hard-wired these days. Connection is stable and good by Thailand standards. You have to buy cards at reception which, from memory, are B300 for 10 hours or B1000 for 50 hours or around that ballpark. No problem bringing girls back. You can walk them straight in or get reception to hold their Id. My stamina is not what it was so I can't tell you about multiples of fanny but would not expect a problem. Jor
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