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  1. I define living like a king as having nice surroundings, comfortable living quarters, getting regular pussy and blowjobs, all my needs taken care of. Being spoon fed my food, having my beers brought to me, cigarettes lit for me, practically having my arse wiped for me, being cleaned up after, not having to make my own bed, being able to laze about and read my books, have a swim, get a massage, watch my shows/movies, and generally do whatever the fuck I feel like doing whenever I feel like doing it. As far as I'm concerned I can live like a king on 100 aussie dollars a day in Thailand, that's about 3,000 baht. In my home country I'd do a hundred just on a taxi to get home from a night out. In my book there is still some truth in the old 'live like a king' line.
  2. The Outback Bar on the Darkside, Siam Country Club Rd, nice place, top owner, shame about all the golfers though.
  3. A great tip indeed. They use the same setup in the Sabai Resort and the Sabai Empress too.
  4. My recent experience with this company 1 month ago was extremely poor. It was especially disappointing because I'd read about issues with the company on another board, but suspected many of the negative comments were based on ulterior motives, and wanted to be my own man. That was a mistake. Paid in advance as requested. Arrived at airport but no driver to be seen. Looked around some more, still no driver. Phoned Mr Dream. Will look into and call me back. Waited but no call, so phoned again. Still looking into and driver will be there 'momentarily'. OK. Called again 10 minutes later, should be there soon. Wait some more. 1 more call and driver meets me whilst I am on the phone. This took 40 minutes total, including the first 10 minutes spent wading through signs. Because I had not yet purchased a sim card (the driver was meant to have some!) all these calls were made via global roaming on my aussie sim costing a flapping fortune. But the driver was good, and the car was fine. Except it didn't have any of the beer I had paid for in advance And no sim cards or phones. Oh well, TIT. At least after all this I was confident they'd make my return journey a smooth one! Maybe even an upgrade to VIP? Unfortunately this was not the case. I made sure the company was aware of my return pickup from the Sabai Empress at 2:30pm 16 November. But the driver didn't show. I phoned Mr Dream at 2:40 to advise the driver was late. I'm told he should be there 'momentarily'. Not so, and after several phone calls and considerable panic, the driver eventually arrived just after 3pm - over 30 minutes late. In a real shitbox too, god only knows what year it was. It didn't get over 90km/h and when he stopped for fuel, despite my protestations, he completely filled the tank, taking what seemed like an eternity. I didn't miss my flight, but it was a near thing, and not a great way to start a long journey covered in sweat. I wasn't one of those fortunate enough to be offered any form of compensation, but to be honest this does not concern me as I don't plan to use the service in the future. I bear them no animosity. I simply post my story for the same reason we all post, to assist each other with shared information and experience. Chok-Dee!
  5. Another fan here. If you're not starving, try the paninis for a light snack - I'd rate them as good as I've had anywhere, including Australia. And Craig is a great host.
  6. I use sites like Agoda and hotel2thailand for information purposes but phoning and/or emailling the hotel directly and speaking to management has always gotten me a better rate. Plus you don't have to pay in advance so you are free to go elsewhere if it's not to your liking.
  7. I'd be keen, even though they'd be a bastard to clean I'm sure some of the more hardened girls would be up for it too. But most of the ladies I'm inclined to take would be freaked out by that shit. TIT, country of contradictions, despite appearances they're a very conservative lot so I play by their rules and have a much better time than swimming upstream. A wild night of sex with a stunner in her early 20's is a wonderful thing in itself, I don't need much help to spice that up! And if you do get bored in Patts you can just change girls. Don't get me wrong the items appeal to me but I'm not sure the average working Thai lady would think the same way.
  8. Purchase DVD players that support Xvid/Divx and have a USB port. They are typically around the same price as other DVD players. Cannot overstate importance of this! Include it in advertising. Can't understand why more places don't have these. Something like a 24 hour 7/11 & Family Mart purchasing service would be very cool, assuming there's one within walking distance. So I can phone down and get smokes & snacks & beer picked up & delivered to my door at 4AM. Don't know why more guesthouses don't offer this! Labour is cheap as chips and Door2Door/WOW charge too much. If there's no hot water in the basin (there usually isn't) a shaving mirror in the shower would be appreciated. Free Wifi is important - charging for Wifi by the hour has always seemed petty to me. Blackout curtains that actually work, cutting all light from the room. 2 free bottles of water every day costs almost nothing and is a nice touch.
  9. That should work. Alternatively use 009 1 714-746 XXXX The 009 prefix uses VOIP technology which is still reliable and should cost much less especially if you are using a Thai SIM card.
  10. Credit card info should never be sent via email and it's a dumb move for any business owner to request it IMO. They should either setup a secure webpage, or use PayPal, or pick up the phone. I once considered staying at the Billabong but was put off by the owners attitude via email. But up to you.
  11. I'd go with Tim's just for the quality of service and IMO slightly better location.
  12. No worries. I booked one of the larger suites which is not available through booking agencies, so I had no choice but to deal direct with the hotel. I did that via email/telephone and negotiated a rate I was happy with. But if I was after the 1 bedroom suite or just a nice room, I would book through an agency such as Agoda, their rates are usually better than anything the hotel will agree to. For the Metropole, best to use hotels2thailand.com, they have much better rates than Agoda. I reckon the downside with an agency is paying in advance via credit card, and paying Vat + Service Charge on top of the initial quote, but it should still work out cheaper. You could always check if the hotel will match or come close to the agency rate. I do prefer the freedom of not paying in advance and being able to leave early if they piss me off
  13. Don't think I could manage 30 but that's music to my ears mate
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