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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hate to say it Sunny but that was not the sausage I was served. The one I was served was the same you find in most places here which is more of the hot dog type. But even that being said I thought the meal was great and the price was good. I would still recommend the restaurant to others. Try to go in last night for the linguine but it was a little crowded and didn't make it back. Will go in again for sure.
  2. Which places actually have the breakfast sausage. It seems all that I have been to have the little weenies. (And don't tell me Pook bar)
  3. Went to Brooklyn Diner this morning and had the American Breakfast. Two eggs, bacon, sausage, (not sure why they call it sausage in Thailand because it is more of a small hot dog than sausage), ham, fried potatoes, toast, juice and coffee or tea. Food was brought out hot and very well cooked. Have had the American breakfast in many places in Pattaya and this has to rate up near the top for quality and value. All this for only 99 baht. The two ladies there were very nice and friendly. Will definitely go back again to try some of the other meals they have.
  4. The Russians for the most part are rude and unfriendly. But many are with families and do not frequent the bars as much. There still is a large influx of Asian men who throw money around in the clubs and garner a lot of attention from the ladies.
  5. I will probably get blasted for this but I like to mix a nice Irish whiskey with Ginger Ale. There is actually an Irish Whiskey where I live (produced in the states) called Two Gingers and they have the drink called the Big Ginger which is whiskey mixed with the ginger ale and a lime or lemon added. Smooth as can be.
  6. Do any of the bars in Pattaya have Ginger Ale?
  7. Speaking online to a few Thai girls and they ask if I have a line. One of them explained that is like Skype where you can video chat. Is this something new in Thailand? Have not heard of it in the States.
  8. I do not think it will cause any problems with other passengers as I will go to the counter and cancel the last leg. Maybe it will open up a seat for a standby passenger. I would hope they would not be so petty as to sue me in court. Publicity not good.
  9. Flying Delta all of the way so they will check the bags at departure from MSP to BKK. On return they will be checked all the way but you have to pick up all bags at MSP to go through Customs and Immigration. After processing I just would not recheck bags and cancel the last leg of the trip.
  10. Delta quote: Minneapolis MSP) to BKk Roundtrip $1600.00 MSP to BKK via Seattle (SEA) $1605.00 Separate Booking: MSP to SEA Roundtrip $324.00 SEA to BKK Roundtrip $1016.00 Total $1350.00 Savings $250.00 MSP to Seattle One Way $209.00 SEA to BKK with return flight that goes from Bkk to MSP and then to SEA $1061.00 Total $1270 S
  11. What type of security do they use at VT6? Take ladies ID cards? Long walk of shame? Safety inside of condo area? Any help appreciated.
  12. Using mileage now is a great idea. If you can find a flight available with mileage. I use my Delta miles for as much as I can and then pay the rest. Not to thread f**k to badly but does anyone know why flights are so expensive now. Midwest USA to BKK is now $1500 or more. If I cannot get it for under $1200 I do not see LOS as being a cheap destination anymore.
  13. Made in Thailand bar complex was all closed that night. Next week is another set of elections and TG says they plan to close again. Every other bar complex seemed open though.
  14. TG is saying bars are closed tonight for an election. Anyone heard this?
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