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  1. EDIT Post Deleted as it has been moved out of member only section.
  2. I have given them lots of stuff. Left over condoms Small money (all the change in my piggy bank) Soap and shampoo Towels Food/drinks/all booze left in fridge DVDs Fan Not even sure what else. But at the end of my 4 month stay I had accumulated all sorts of shit in my condo that I gave to the lady. She left with 2 bags of junk.
  3. The only restaurant I remember was cafeteria style. You buy a card purchase food at the different windows and get your change when finished (same as Carrefour or the food court downstairs at the airport). I only had Thai food. Was a few baht more than it would have been in Pattaya. Not sure if there is a fancier place there.
  4. Actually when I made my original reservation he informed me of this and recommended I check W/ my insurance company. Didn’t affect me but it just surprised me that Mark took the time to inform me of this.
  5. I have ridden out to BC twice. We took 110-135cc and all worked fine. There is really only one minor hill right after Buddha Hill. Other than that it’s flat and you will probably be going 70-80. The power isn’t the issue IMO. It’s the fact that the bigger bikes seem to be a little more stable at speed and more comfortable for me. But I wouldn’t hesitate to ride a 110 airblade out there, though it wouldn’t be my first choice. And as I stated before my buddies 125 had more power than my 135. And my Airblade had more low end, which was nice in town. I honestly don’t think it matters a whole lot which you choose. I liked the storage of the Yamaha and Suzuki better and those would be my first choices. However a Click is a great little bike. I’m just not a fan of the open floor area . But I know some that buy them just for this feature. It’s a Honda and there’s no going wrong with a Honda. In other words I wouldn’t worry too much about it. They are all scooters and are going to drag ass up the hill. But that's only going to be about 2 minutes out of your entire trip.
  6. Thay might ask more but if you threaten to walk they will drop to the same price. I paid 3k last time for one. Can be had on the dark side for 2.5k, Or I can just email Mark and it showes up at my room for 2k. I also bring a helmet from home. I peeled off all the stickers(DOT and name) and from a distance it looks like those 600b index ones. I think the only ones that will fit a 3/4 helmet under the seat are the Elegance and the Suzuki Hayate. I have rode both. Yamaha is a 135 and Suzuki is a 125cc. I felt like the Suzuki had a little more power. But I didn't spend all that much time on it.
  7. Porn just doesn’t do a lot for me. The only time I really watch any is with a lady. The last time I watched any porn was almost a year ago and it was at a ladies request. We picked up a few DVD’s across from the Coconut Bar.
  8. I took a look at the rooms at the New Nikon Court this trip. They were nice. I was quoted 650nt or 18k a month (for May). I believe they have a lift. Biggest negative I could see in my quick visit was no electronic safe. There are lockboxes at reception, they give you a key and you can put your own lock on. Reception in is 24hrs. I might give this place a try for a night or 2 my next trip. They were full the first 2 or 3 times I stopped by and I had to come back to look at a room. That tells me something.
  9. I have no idea. My condo was nothing close to that quality. It was 5k and in a Thai building. But I really liked it and it had a pool and what not. We are comparing apples and oranges here. But for me if staying a month that's where I would stay. If looking for something nice and willing to be further from the action I would probably stay at the Nova group(I think it was them about 12k) building in Nakula. But I'm not willing to be that far from the action and not enough little food places around for me. I have stayed on LK for about a month in the past and it's not for me. It is IMO the best place in Pattaya to stay on a short holiday. But after a month it started to wear on me and I was happy to move out. I liked being able to have all the madness on demand but be able to retire for the night away from all of it. I guess that's kind of why I originally looked at the Le Katia. If I am to stay on LK again I will stay at the BB or perhaps give the Metro Apartments a try. The KK isn't a bad place. I'm not trying to knock it in any way. I wouldn't tell somebody not to stay there. But in that area and price range I prefer the BB. Here was my room at the KK if anybody cares. My little condo Can't find any pics from the BB at the moment I will add some if I find them.
  10. I haven’t stayed at the KK since the new owner took over, well it looks like 2 owners ago now. Stayed in a medium room there about a year and a half ago. If I were to stay on that corner again I prefer the Billabong. Though the KK did have better food as I remember. I'm sure the price wouldn't be 550 on a monthly rate. But if I stay a month or more I can half the monthly rates by staying in a condo and avoid the LK Metro noise.
  11. Yep, It's about 100ft from the Diana/Bukaw intersection.
  12. I stayed at the Le Katai for a little over 3 weeks in Jan. Just thought I would do a little review of what I thought of the place. Positives: It's in a great location right next to LK Metro but with out all the noise at night. Good double blinds for sleeping in. They use top sheets in the bed. I like this a lot better than the no top sheet GHes. Rooms are reasonably priced (mine was 550b in high season) Reservations are honored. Mine was screwed up and they didn't have a room for me so the gave me a balcony room for the agreed upon small room price. In loom safe(though poorly mounted) ***The staff is friendly and helpful*** restaurant down stairs. I could park my bike inside between the buildings at night. Makes me feel a little better than leaving it on the street. Big fridge W/no mini bar, I prefer to stock it myself. Pay upon check out policy. Well I guess that's the policy. After I had been there a week I just went down stairs W/5k and gave it to them at reception not really knowing the policy or having been asked for money. Then settled up for the rest before checkout. I was never asked for money upfront. I just didn't really want to not pay anything till I checked out. Just felt the way I did it was a little more fair for everyone. Negetives: I'm really not too picky and didn't mind any of these things other than the internet. But I felt that I should point them out in order to do a fair review. There's a little much Thai mentality at times. Ex. My doorknob didn't operate properly. They said "many Falang have problem W/ lock" and showed me how to pull and jimmy it open. If I had came home in the middle of the night I would have been locked out. And I had friends try to get it open which were also unsuccessful so it wasn't just me. It finally fell apart when I was closing the door and they finally replaced it. Only clean room if you put out the please clean room sign. Again no big deal but they didn't tell me till after my room didn't get cleaned and I asked. This policy seems out of the norm to me and I would have appreciated it if the explained it to me upon check in. The cleaner also didn't show up one other day when the sign was out. The safe was improperly mounted. Could be pulled down with one good tug. No good chill out area down stairs. I like when places have couches to sit at and people watch down stairs. The restaurant was always fairly busy and I never felt right about just chilling out down there. They normally needed all the space they could get. But it did get better the further away from New Years it got. And late night there was always room. The internet sucked. When it worked it was good. But there were times the router needed to be reset to get it working again. Sounds easy right, well no. The router was in room 19 so they couldn't just go reset it like normal places. They had to wait and go into someones room when they could to reset it. This stupid setup resulted in a lot of downtime of the internet. IMO the crappy internet setup is the biggest negative about staying at this GH. It was down 3 or 4 days of my stay. Just to point out: No 24 hour reception. Not an issue for me. But I know it is for a lot of guys so I figured I'd point it out. How does it stand up against the other places I have stayed? Billabong: The Billabong is nicer. But I won't stay there due to constant noise and parties/band Murphys Law: Le Katai is much better in every way. Killkenny: About the same in terms of quality. However Kilkenny has that LK noise. Tropical Berts: About the same in terms of quality. Though Le Katai is in a much better location IMO Nirun condos: OK this is a condo so maybe not a fair comparison but I would take my Nirun condo over any of the mentioned hotels. But it just wasn't possible to get one for such a short trip in high season. But I really liked staying there and at 4-5k a month it's hard to beat IMO. SkyTop: La Katai is much nicer and in a better location IMO. So over all what did I think of the place. I liked it. Would I recommend it to a friend? If internet isn't important to them then absolutely. If they ever offer 350b a night again in low season I feel you won't find better GH for the price. The best part of the place was the staff. This has been true of most of the places I have stayed and the reason I stay at GHes rather than hotels. I really had a good time bringing home food late night and hanging out and sharing W/the staff when I didn't have a BF. I felt that for 550b a night in high season it was a good value. http://lekataipattaya.com/
  13. OK perhaps this review needs to be taken with a grain of salt as I have only used this place to rent a bike once. Here is a description of my experience with them. 1. I made a online reservation a few months back and got conformation that the bike was rented.(no deposit but I think this changed) 2. About a week before I arrived I got a email conformation letter just checking up and making sure I was still planning on renting the bike. 3. When I got to Pattaya I called and told them who I was and that I had a bike reserved. His response was Yes you do where and when would you like it delivered. 4. We agreed on a time and he showed up right on time with the specific bike I requested. 5. The last day of the rental I got a sms bike finished today where and when would you like it picked up? 6.He was running a little late on picking it up so he sent me a text letting me know he would be a few minutes late so I wasn't sitting in the lobby waiting for him. This was the easiest and most professional rental of Anything (room or otherwise) I have ever had in Thailand. No BS, no price haggling, no waiting or having to go find the place to pick it up. They advertised a quality bike at a reasonable price. What I got was the exact bike I asked for in great condition delivered on time in a professional manner and at a great price. In a place where long waits, deals changing,reservations "lost" and who knows what else this great customer service was just unexpected and appreciated and I thought I should point others toward Kessaya. By the way, yes it was a great price at 600 a week or 2k a month. I only know of 2 other places that I can get a bike at these prices and with no where near the professionalism. http://kessayamotorbikerentals.com/
  14. Just thought I would pass a little info along. I tried to renew my 1 year license today and was denied. I was told I could make new but not renew my old one. I knew I wouldn't be able to renew for 5 years but was under the impression I could renew for one year with a 30 day arrival stamp. That's not the case and I would have to start from scratch and get a new license. This would involve the movie, written test/on computer and the driving test. Fuck if I'm guna go threw all that again. Had I known all this I wouldn't have ever bothered getting my license in the first place. Anyway just thought I would pass this along and maybe save a fellow BM or 2 some time. Had I had an international license this would have cut out all the testing. But I don't have one. Guess I'll be just like everyone else with an extra 500b in my pocket from now on. Just to be clear. Yes you can get a license with 30 day stamp. No you can't renew.
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