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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I again Highly reccomend Mark. I have used his services on many occassions. Always reliable on collection and delivery of the bike. On this trip I had two punctures and a flat battery. Mark was prompt in fitting 2 new tyres and new battery. He can always be contacted on his phone and always pleasant and helpful. Thanks again Mark, just worry you will be too popular with renters.
  2. I am thinking more about having to pay out.....................................The Farang Is always At Fault
  3. Thanks guys for all the valuable information. I am looking forward to some good progression. :chogdee
  4. Thanks for the replies. yes I have a full uk bike licence and also got a 1 year international licence. I will try the AA people
  5. I am planning a couple of 2 month trips. Can I independently get compehensive insurance to cover a rental bike. I know its unlikley but maybe it is possible :chogdee
  6. hello all I am coming to patts for 2 months from mid october and want to learn to play golf. I currently play maybe 1 time a year for a charity day so am a complete novice. I will bring my own clubs to Patts. Can anyone help with the best way to go about it and some ideas on costs. I am guessing lessons on a driving range etc. I will have a motorbike and am an experienced rider so can travel with clubs on bike. Any advice and recommendations are appreciated. Cheers :chogdee
  7. Thanks Bazle Yes all is fine as it remains occupied, but I aggree it is an important consideration if you leave your place empty.
  8. Thanks for all your help. I ended up using moneysupermarket .com and found a firm called Preferential Travel Insurance. Cost £60.28 for Annual Multi-trip policy covering up to 93 days per trip. I was too old for the backpackers policies and the other policies were either too expensive or did not cover 61 days trip. Thanks again for all your help and hope this helps other searching for the cover.
  9. Thanks for your replies. I am checking them out and will get back with a results. Any more suggestions would be appreciated
  10. Hello all Does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced Annual Travel insurance to cover 60 to 90 day trips to Thailand. Most policies only cover 30 days. Thanks All
  11. I just wanted to say I used Kessayes in march for a month. Mike is very helpful and prompt in answering the phone and emails. Dropped off and picked up the bike at the hotel and the bike was trouble free. I highly reccomend him and his service.
  12. Just wanted to say I went to Nong Nooch ornamental gardens 5 days ago. The usual entry fee is 500bht per person including a Thai dancing show and Elephant show. I went with Thai gf. Booked a room on site 1100 bht. That included entry and breakfast. The room was basic and clean with aircon and hot water with 2 beds. Better rooms are available (See their website) There is a large pool and really you have access for 2 days. The breakfast was good with falang and thai choices. The gardens are nice. Both the shows were ok but be warned there is a mad dash from watching the Thai dance s
  13. Thanks for your replies. I was thinking more about the evening meal as I suspect most of the daytime places close. The tg said she had been there once and all the chinese groups staying had brought those pot noodles. I will check out what is available on in the evening and if its crazy I will ride into bang saray. Thanks everyone
  14. Can anyone help with info on Nong Nooch resturants. I will be staying over 1 night on site at the gardens. My tg said that the resturant is super expensive. Has anyone any knowledge of the on site resturant or reccommend any nearby places to eat. Cheers
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