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  1. Laugh it up fat boy. I will be in your area in a couple days. You just never know when you are going to see me? How about your stupid fat ass getting drunk, and wrapping the company truck around a light pole, and losing your job? 5555! ROFLMAO!
  2. Yes, believe it or not, it was a friend. I have not been stitched up for drink drive in Thailand. I have a few friends that are BiB. heh heh! New Years gift baskets are a real good deal if you know who to give them to. (hint hint)
  3. A friend of mine got stitched up for drink drive in Bangsaen a year or so ago. They hauled him down to the police station, where he had to pay a fine of 20,000 baht. He either had to call someone to come drive his truck for him when he left, or he could go and pick it up in the morning after he had sobered up. That is for a farang. I don't know what the penalty for a Thai national is? This also had no affect on my friends driving license from what I know. He also told me that the breathalizers that they used looked pretty old and sketchy. I would venture to guess that they are not calibrated very often, or even at all.
  4. I just ring the lady at the market near my house and tell her how much to top it up, and then pay her the next time I drop in. The cards are deffo being phased out. Just as easy to top up using a credit card and ringing them yourself.
  5. why not contact the nanny agency in bangkok to find a live in housekeeper or nanny? they can provide flippers as well that speak english and cook western food. at least then you will have the company to go back on if something were to happen or be stolen.
  6. How does this guy dream this stuff up? I am so surprised he has lasted this long.
  7. I can't believe that Harris hasn't been ran out of town yet?
  8. This was 18 months ago. Please tell me where in Thailand I can buy original i-Phone 3GS for 10,000 baht. I will buy them all day long. The best price I have seen for second hand 3GS has been 18,000 baht.
  9. I had my touch screen replaced on my i-Phone 3 at Tuk.com Sriracha with no issues. It did cost me 10,000 baht though. That was last year. I noticed nothing changed other than the screen.
  10. I went out with my 9 year old daughter the first day here in Chonburi. Sorry, I was not able to get any pics. Yesterday, the gridlock was so bad in Bangsaen and Ang Sila, that the police were not letting vehicles to continue past the Big C on Sukky road here in Chonburi. I am glad it is over here, and feel sorry for you guys that have a few more days to put up with in Pattaya.
  11. Who said that anyone was letting the farangs decide anything about the holiday? You must have magic glasses and can see something in the posts that I can not?
  12. I totally agree. I had the choice a couple years ago to fly round trip from Thailand to the Carribean, via NYC, between Cathay and some cheaper airlines. I played it safe and paid the extra 150-200 dollars for Cathay. A complete round trip disaster is not worth saving a couple hundred bucks.
  13. That's just takin the piss. The damn holiday already last too long, much longer than what the holiday is supposed to be as in line with how it was started.
  14. Was it farang or Thai that doused them?
  15. The madness starts tomorrow.............woooooohooooo! I just love the girls that wear white shirts and no bra during Songkran.
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