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  1. I'm a TomTom user for many years (PND, not as a app on a smartphone). The Tomtom maps are very good (though not perfect). I reckon Navteq maps (used by Garmin (Navignon is part of Garmin) are simular. The Tomtom app is not cheap, but quality has its price. There are ways to get the app for free, but in some countries that would be consider illegal (but the internet is your friend )
  2. Yes, a Boeing 787-8. According to airlineroute.net it's going to fly Bangkok - Chang Mai in July and August and to Manilla. From 1st September 2014 it will fly the Bangkok- Tokyo route.
  3. This is THAI's newest aircraft: http://www.flugzeugbilder.de/show.php?id=130861
  4. Finnair use their newest a330-300's on the Bangkok route now. I don't know how the seats in Business are on these planes.
  5. Although almost new to the plane, the pilot flying already had 10.000 hours of flight time. Could be a 737, an A320, but the way pilots land these aircrafts are pretty much the same. It's like driving a car; There's a difference between a Fiat Panda and a 40 ton truck, but basicly they all have a steering wheel and the pedals are all in the same place. Lets not forget the BA-incident. Although with Rolls Royce-engines, but similair. Maybe in a few months we'll learn that there is something in the design of the engine/ aircraft that leads to a malfunction. Right now it looks like pilot err
  6. Interesting video on CNN here: http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/07/us/plane-crash-main/index.html?hpt=hp_t1
  7. Now on CNN: A Boeing 777-200 has crashed at SFO during landing. It's on fire. People are being evacuted from the plane now. Hope all are ok
  8. Great airplane. I've flown with Emirates several time from Amsterdam with their A380.
  9. That indeed is the trickiest part... Once you're on the 304 it's just "follow the road" until you cross the 24 flyover (you can't miss that one..)..
  10. Fasttrack (I wanted to write FT, but realised that could be confusing to the few German readers here) with Bangkok Flight Services cost 700 baht. The buggy is another 600 (total of 1300) baht.
  11. That should be 304, not 314. Sorry. It is 470 km. About 6 - 6,5 hrs without stops, depending on traffic. Mainly pretty decend road up until Nang Rong. You will pass a scenic national park, which name escapes me right now. Speed drops to about 30 kmh due to the many trucks on the road (in the park), but it is a nice route. My advice is to continue on the 24 to Prasat (instead of going to Buriram).
  12. Yes it does. I have used Garmin before and since a few years Tomtom. I prefer Tomtom (better maps, nicer interface) . But both will get you to Surin. Basicly it is 314, 24 and 214. That will take you to the road near Big C in Surin. From pattaya about 7 hours (incl.stops)
  13. Very sad news. The HMS Bounty was in port of my hometown during a festival a few years back. A beautiful ship with a nice crew.
  14. 30 baht taxi? No, because the meter start at 35 baht. But it is a short ride. Probably 40 - 45 baht, depends on how much traffic and tip
  15. The plot behind the PBR is still empty, although there is some iron and concrete "things" laying around. There's also a large banner from Tulip Group stating there will be a hotel "soon". The plot behind the PBR is rather large. I wonder if it just 1 or maybe 2 hotels/ condos being built there. There is a "Centera Sales Office" on soi 15 off Buakow as well (the white building in the photo). So I assume the plot behind the Areca is for a Centera hotel/ suite/ condo. There is no constuction going right now (neither the PBR nor the Centera building site). Re. PBR: A nice basic hotel,
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