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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I thought all I had to do was 001 714-746 XXXX but all I get is some Thai language that I can't understand. There must be something else needed. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I am arriving on Thai Air at 6:10AM Friday June 30. Will be booking ride with Mr Toom who I've used several times with great success. Anyone up for ride/cost sharing. I'm willing to wait for a bit but not too long.
  3. I had cleanining, one cavity filled and lasere whitening for 6000B in late December on North side of Central Pattaya Rd about 200 meters East of 2nd road. Dentist office was very professional and helper girl was a beauty. There are about 3-4 other dentists east of 2nd before I got to this one. The others were between 8000-10,000B. For me very little pain but some tenderness with ice cold drinks for the rest of that day and early the next. by mid afternoon either there was no pain or I was too drunk to remember. Life is good Aces
  4. I'll be in town in 2 weeks and for sure will stop by if only because of the time you've spent entertaining me from afar.
  5. Email Mr Toom I had him pick me up 2 weeks ago at 2:30AM and it couldn't have gone smoother 1200baht incl fees.
  6. I called a Thai girls cell phone and got right through. I use my cell in US and have free long distance so my call was free. All my Mexico calls are to cells and theres not been a problem or charge on my bill.
  7. I have used this number for Mexico calls and just returned from Pattaya and tried it and it works to Thailand also. It is an Ohio number so from my cell which includes no charge long distance the calls are free. You call 1-712-858-8883 and then dial the 011-66-xxxxxxxx Thai number
  8. I am flying in late night on Oct 7th China Airlines and assume it will be to the new Airport. Since My plan is to spend most of my time in Pattaya it seems like a good idea to contract with a car/driver to meet me at Suvarnabhumi to get me to Pattaya. Since I do not yet have a hotel booked does anyone have a recommendation on Hotel that will provide a driver at approx 2:30 AM or so. On my 2 previous trips I stayed at the Omni in BKK and they sent driver and it was a breeze and well worth the relatively small cost. Also I think it would be great to have a girl for the ride but am doubtful about the quality I'd get sight unseen and don't know about asking the hotel to arrange so maybe thats a 2 part deal. Thanks in advance Aces
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