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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hip hop............insomnia......... in the same thread that is slanderous and could be liable i will let it slide as a first offence.
  2. Well at the moment my main plans are we are flying a big dj in from the uk for the nightclub, as yet there is a lot to be finalised but i will let every one know in due course
  3. The girls are all bar finable, but what price they agree to with guy's (or girls for that matter as some swing both ways) is not my business.
  4. sorry about the mix up with drinks mulphy, you know how it is with new staff
  5. Actually there was quite a bit of girl on girl fun last night going on upstairs, here is some pics from the evening
  6. sorry forgot to post as been busy but just to let everyone know there is a big party on tonight so if in town please feel free to drop by
  7. Just to let you all know that the nudity takes place upstairs. If you go up stairs and the girls are dressed just wait a moment to watch them peel off there clothes. At the moment i think we have about 24 girls working for us but one of the things we wanted to go for was quality not quantity. There are more arriving every day but what we don't want is your everyday issan shuffler. I think if all the girls who applied for jobs got 1 then there would be no room for customers. The place and concept is only a few days old and we are bound to have teething problems but hopefully in time we can get it right cheers marc
  8. After last nights procedings where cut short due to unforseen events out of our control insomnia has decided to have a special party on friday. so up till 3 am its half price drinks. hopefully we can have the same type of party that we hoped to have for new years eve.
  9. Some more gratuatous shots for your viewing pleasure you cant beat grabin a sneaky feel there is more to come so stay tuned
  10. you don't miss a trick do you. she use to work in party bar then papa gayo then honey pot. i have heard some good reports on her. quote of the week mm " sorry marc i'll be back in a minute have to find a lesibian "
  11. There is no bar fine. if your lucky enough to hook up with one of the dancers, but there is talk about some form of system coming in to action. at the moment only have about 15 dancers so they can only go with customers when they finish there shift.
  12. Just some pics of the action over christmas period MM: Edited to make the pictures show up inline.
  13. steady on, bud one thing at a time. she has a ring and that will do for now. after nearly 8 months its still going strong.
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