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  1. will be arriving in pattaya late night/early morning December 9th/10th.
  2. scam huh? haha. then again, everything in pattaya is phony. phony sunglasses, phony love, even phony friends who leave you when the drinks stop coming. it all kind of turned me off and made me disgusted. i got to the point later in my trip where i wasnt even tipping anymore. always paranoid about people scamming me. whadaya think i should do next time, put a rock in his cup and play the violin?
  3. mr. toom, where were you? my reservation was for august 21st at 23:30. i didn't see anybody with my name on it. i ended up getting screwed by the touts. thanks... dick.
  4. ok, so i'm walking with my girlfriend down one of the sois and i spot this thing crawling on the rainy street. i look again and its a badly disfigured beggar slithering along his belly with a cup in his hands. never seen anything so sad and pitiful in my entire life. i wish id helped him out. poor guy. you see so much screwed up shit in pattaya you almost get numb to it.
  5. oh come on. europeans get all the best airfare deals. stop complaining. flights from the united states are so expensive.
  6. anybody stayed here? im wondering because they havent answered my emails back. i called a lady there and she didnt speak english too well.
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