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  1. Hi All A quick question. I understand that there is building work currently happening in the Areca Lodge. I also understand that the Areca Wing of the lodge is less affected by this building work. Can anyone tell me if the Executive Rooms (bigger rooms) are located in the Areca Wing? Cheers AronJoseph
  2. Howsitgoing All This trip is now moving from the initial stage to the planning stage. This trip is now being scheduled for mid-July. irish lad... I have sent you a pm about this trip (with some greater detail). Broad details as follows... I have met with a board member (from another board). He and his friend have their tickets purchased and are travelling to Patts mid-July. I have not booked my tickets yet and do not intend doing this for another 3-4 weeks because I reckon I will get a better deal. If I dont get a good deal, I will still be going. I will be travelling in Ju
  3. goldpony... thanks for the offer... I'll pm you on the subject. Cheers AronJoseph
  4. Novellara.... Lucky You! goldpony.... I'll keep you in the loop if anything is happening As for me... I'm still looking for a small crew to travel with me from Dublin.... If anyone is interested... GET IN TOUCH ! Cheers AronJoseph
  5. Thanks for the interest irish lad... I am very serious about trying to find a crew who are interested in making this fun expedition! Will keep in touch with you. Cheers AronJoseph
  6. Unfortunately... you gotta pay your own way! But thanks for your interest! Cheers AronJoseph
  7. Are YOU tired of yer mates, letting you down with regard to a trip to Pattaya? Well I am! If you are too, and if you are from Dublin (or Ireland!)...please read on! Do you want to fly direct to the Land of Smiles from Europe (London, Amsterdam or possibly Frankfurt)? Or possibly fly from Dublin via Dubai?? Any Irish chaps (preferred age bracket 35 - 99 years) interested in being part of a small group heading to Pattaya (for a few weeks) in June/July/August 08... for the ladies, the beer and the craic... Get in contact...NOW! Serious replies only please, with some broad details a
  8. I believe you have hit the nail on the head valentinoxxx. A fundamental part of any good airline website is the easy ability to view alternative (and perhaps less expensive) dates. I believe that Thai and Eva airline websites do not readily offer this functionality. Scalawag... I have taken another look at the China Airline website and as they do appear to offer this type of alternative date functionality, I am reconsidering my position. As you said "perhaps not the best website". Perhaps not the worst either. Cheers AronJoseph
  9. Thanks for the info stevoman I suspect you are correct about the "joiner fee". Cheers AronJoseph
  10. Scalawag & aardvark I am amazed at your comments. By comparison with the serious, customer friendly, professional, Northern European Airline Websites (i.e British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa) EVA and China websites are absolutely abysmal. The Thai Airways website is double abysmal. Sure...you can use them.... BUT they are not particularly user friendly. Even the Air France website knocks the socks off them. Some of the Middle Eastern airlines are better... Etihad to name one. EVA and China could do worse and copy the Aer Lingus website which is simple, straig
  11. I have decided not to bother with Thai Airlines and possibly Eva & China too (unless they improve their websites). In some ways and perhaps for cultural reasons you would expect the Thai National Airline Website to be a bit obscure (although they are really pushing it with their website). I guess they must do most of their business through normal travel agents or on-line flight shops and not via their own website as is the norm in Northern European Airlines. However, China and Eva Airlines really do take the biscuit with almost equally apalling websites and this really amazes me
  12. Cheers Steveo I certainly like the look of the place... but I'm kinda wary that the Sea Orchid might be a very family orientated establishment which might frown on any type of mild shenanigans. Hopefully, somebody might know for sure? Thanks for your recommendation AronJoseph
  13. Gotta agree with you Benny27.... The three airline websites which you selected (KLM, Lufthansa & BA) are excellent. Cheers AronJoseph
  14. Anybody got any info on the new(ish) Sea Orchid Hotel.... joiners allowed or not allowed...fees etc. Looks like a nice hotel... if a bit out of town. Cheers AronJoseph
  15. Anybody know of a good website to view/rent a nice luxury type villa in or around Pattaya. I am familiar with the View Talay Website. Cheers AronJoseph
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