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  1. Thanks for the info. much appreciated Den
  2. Hi guys, Anybody got any updated information on the bus service from Pattaya to Chang Mai I am looking at potentially using NakonChai Air, which I understand is a pretty good service and takes approx 11 hours I am also looking at getting the overnight train from Bangkok and then flying back from Chang Mai to Bangkok, but would like more info on this (or other bus services) as another potential travel option Looking for info regarding particularly regarding comfort, coveniance and reliability Thanks Den
  3. Den


    Thanks for the info, guys Much appreciated Den
  4. Den


    Etihad advertising flights for GBP 500 (incl taxes) Anyone had any any recent experience with them?.....e.g. stopover times and flight experience as compared to flying direct with Eva Having never flown with Etihad your thoughts/opinions would be welcome I've looked at various reviews on flight forums and opinions seem to be mixed Thanks Den
  5. Thanks for the info Guys....very much appreciated
  6. Hi, looking for any info on hotels or guesthouses in Jomtien Beach area Looking for a place overlooking beach with balcony and also swimming pool on site Budget is up to 1500 Baht per night Any info appreciated Den
  7. Etihad Airlines £299 - (indirect flight ex Heathrow) Phuket Airlines £415 - (direct flight ex Gatwick) see http://www.benztravel.co.uk/google/thaioffers/ It is a limited time offer, but nonetheless may be of interest to those of you who are considering travelling in the next few weeks Incidentally anyone know what type of aircraft both carriers use, I seem to remember reading somewhere that Etihad use Airbuses and Phuket use 747-200's ?
  8. Heard a report that a backpacker had his throat cut by an english man during an argument over a Thai girl Click on the link. You will need real player for this - http://wwa.rte.ie/news/2002/1105/newsatone...e/news1pm2a.ram Regards, Den
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