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  1. your better off looking for a cave to stay in, i booked a month in this shithole and checked out after 2 weeks. no food, no drink. ran out of water ever 2nd day. dont be fooled by the pictures on the site. some of the aircons have a on and off no temp control. you shower with your toilet when there is water. and i was in a seaview dulex room the sea was about a mile away. donot pay in advance because if you want to check out early you wont see no cash back from them. i can go on and on about this outhouse....
  2. : wait a month or 10 before you say anything about the meter. had the same problem with my meter, waited almost a year for them to figure it out. bills just came for peanut amouts, so i called them to let them i just notice it stopped working. two guys show up one them gave the meter a good whack and it started again. they looked at each other nodded and left. never heard a thing again, its been 6 months.............. save the 2000 baht for a few months then give the meter a few whacks
  3. you will never get the rate you see at fx sites. goto the bank site for the rate.as for Pattaya Steve YOU CAN LICK THE BACK SIDE OF MY NUT SACK LOSER
  4. The Canadian Dollar held up pretty good with the bahts up swing, i think the baht will come back down earth soon. Keep watching that canadian dollar it should pull par with the u.s. dollar, lots of oil in the tar sands and gold in those hills and Mr Bush spending money faster than he can print it
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