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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. My sentiments,works a treat. Make your pig ignorant,don't react to anything you say even if you only understand nitnoi
  2. I'm another one HOT - WET sometimes fucking hot & fucking wet. Got stuck in Wunderbar2 the other nite water was 300mm deep SOOOOOOOOOO we just had to stay there
  3. Search on one of the file share programs (Bear share or Winmx) for PIMSLEUR THAI.Ther is ten parts and seems to be popular.
  4. I would love to C u August 13 8pm FLB bar & we can talk,thanks 4 your concern. I will not splash my questions all over the net
  5. Cheers, I have checked this out she is without a doubt a she,I mean anybody who can drink me under the table has to be,Right.Ha HA
  6. I know the scams that go on,this lady wants to put up a majority of the money she owns more than one property in Thailand and wants to sell one to make this happen. All I want to know is the work permit process,as much as I know your comments are for my protection and I do appreciate the thought ,I am not totally stupid,I think (THINK) being the operative word that this lady may be genuine. Lets get back to work permits, Guys.
  7. Thanks Dave,Looking at a building in the walking Street Area 3 stories 1. Bar with Bgs 2. Traditional Thai Massage etc 3. giftware My partner would have majority share holding if required & we would have our own accomodation on site. Thanks
  8. Hey Guys,considering going into partnership with a Thai lady in a business in walking street,obviously I will need a work permit. Give the low down, pitfalls proceedures etc,all advise apreciated.
  9. Hey Longy, When R U going over
  10. Hey Floyd, My mate & I went on this one last trip to Bkk,at the end of the day we all get there. It's the return journey that really fucking hurts,& does it hurt,Oh how it fucking hurts
  11. Hey Longy,U know I'm a starter 4 that & I think you will find that U R flying Emerates,the new 747-300 where everyone has their own Tv the seats on this iis 2-5-2.Cheers.
  12. Hey People,I will be staying at this hotel for four nights as part of my trip package. Any info would be good ,guest policy,transport, etc.Thanks
  13. Hi Floyd, Good to hear from fellow Kiwis, no need to ask you if you enjoyed yourself how can one not. So tell me who's hot & who's not, & does the FLB girls still swamp you for lady drinks, I can remember having a couple of nites close to 20,000 bt & my mate & I thought fuck this, beyond a joke.Cheers
  14. Hi Guys the total cost of the my fare was $865 including everything even Nz departure tax, Arrive 14/6 Leave 29/6. Thanks
  15. Anybody want to join me 50 yr old married guy out to enjoy myself.Emerates $863 all inclusive.
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