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  1. We're thinking about moving to the Eastiny inn? what the difference between the Inn, plaza and place? the inn is 60 pounds (1200bth) cheaper over our 9 night stay compare to the plaza or place. Thanks
  2. Anyone have any info or stayed at the Pattaya beach resort? can't really find any info on it, it's not even on trip advisor, this hotel used to be called the pattaya palace and was renovated this year, it's on Beach road/soi 5. We are booked into the Nautical inn on beach road/soi 11, we're there over xmas so were limited by the price and this was the best hotel/location that suited us. I have now found the Pattaya beach resort at around the same price (3 pound more a night). Whilst the Nautical Inn isn't the best of hotels it's got a good location, but the PBR have good looking rooms.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Do they just wash or do they iron too? Thanks
  4. We're thinking about hiring a taxi/tour in Bangkok to see the main sights, has anyone done this? is it worth the cost? Thanks
  5. Anyone know of anywhere that does atv/quad bike hire in Pattaya? I read an old post for about 2 years ago stating there was a place near mikes mall is it still there and how much could I expect to pay? Thanks Sam
  6. OK a bit of a random question but we staying near Mikes mall and was wandering if there is a laundry near by? What sort of prices could I expect to pay? Thanks
  7. Anyone have any recommendations for a company to pick us up from the airport (4 adults) and take us into bangkok? also looking for a taxi from the airport into Pattaya. Also if we book with a private company when do we pay? is it when we arrive? Thanks Sam
  8. I have kind of narrowed my search down a little to these hotels which should I go for? We are staying over Christmas and the new year so hotel prices are hiked up a little so these are my best options for the price so far - Nautical inn Bay Breeze hotel Flipper Lodge All seasons hotel Natural beach hotel Sandy Spring hotel We really want a balcony and some kind of pool. I'm favouring Nautical inn?? I probably should also say we are 2 couples. Thanks Sam
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