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  1. stayed in queen vic last 2 times, last time in march for 4 weeks, won,t be staying there again as going up the fire escape after 11 o clock get,s a bit much,and hassle on soi 6/1 with L/BOYS ,going back july and been highly reccomended to stay flipper lodge on soi 8. i like flying with qatar rather than etihad and always book with [the wisemiser]website but prices have gone up quite a lot lately,have a good trip
  2. i work for airbus and the 380 is THE BEST PLANE ever made and will far surpass the dreamliner which has not even been in the air yet so get alife and when the 350 comes into flight next year will be the next airbus to wipe the arse of boeing who need to get there act together, boeing is a big joke who takes lotes of money from the usa goverment .as for the jumbo 747 it,s a thing of the past and will never complete with airbus 380 and 350 so you yanks have not got a clue
  3. hi all, going back to patts again in july and on my last 2 trips stayed in queen vic on soi6 but this time would like to try somewhere else for about 1200 baht per night it would also have to be girl friendly,can anyone help,would be nice with pool,but ok if not thanks guys
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