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  1. what's going on Big D? Still looking forward to your next trip right?

  2. I'm planning my next Pattaya trip next year...I normally book a flight from kayak.com. Does anybody know a really good website that u can buy CHEAP tickets from the US to Thailand?
  3. I actually looked at the Ice Inn online...and I'm definitely not getting a room with just a fan since I'll be there in May, and it'll feel like i'm sitting next to hell. All I need to know is if they have wifi. for 400BT with air conditioner, I will take that in a heartbeat!
  4. I do thank everybody for your input, it has helped me out a great deal. I've been to Thailand 4 times (1 in koh samui and 3 in pattaya), but it always is a good thing to know more about other things. And let us all get along in here, I hate to see little fights that are not worth fighting. Again thank you.
  5. Dave, you read my mind on that note. I thought about that, just staying in a hotel for maybe 2 days, while looking around for other hotels. Thanks
  6. Does anybody have a list of the absolute cheapest hotels that are in Pattaya? (Atleast in the 400 - 600 baht range) I go online to look for these and it doesn't really help me out...I just get rates of hotels that "they" think are cheap. Your help is greatly appreciated!
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