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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hello All...Me again! Just throwing this one out there to the guys that are in or around Pattaya at the moment...How busy is it over there at the moment? Im arriving on 21st September and this will be the earliest ive ever been over before. Should I be expected to see tumbleweed flying about, or is it still pretty busy?!!! When does it usually start to get busier shall we say? Thanks again Fellas! M81
  2. Thanks again guys...and in particular Gary for the feedback. I have been to Jomtien before...the last time was in January this year, but my stay was short. They are building loads of new Market Style Bars there apparently according to a guy i know who has a bar in Soi 7. Accross 2nd Road where the main Aussie Bar place is (next to the market) there are supposedly 12+ new bars being built, or have now been built. Anyone been up there recently??? As for Baht Buses....I have experienced the same issue with getting on one at the school and the driver demanding 100 Baht for the ride - stupid! So yes the trick is to walk about 100 metres around the corner and hail one down. On another note....How busy will Pattaya be at the end of September??? Will that still be classed as Low season, or are we venturing into High Season??? (The Weather doesnt look brilliant either it has to be said!!! - Although Im only going on what BBC Weather in the UK is saying, and thats not usually Accurate!)
  3. Thanks Again Fellas....nice to know theres some experienced guys out there (Im only 30 myself, so am hoping to hear from anyone that has a story to tell!). As I said, Ive been a few times before but this time im Staying for 6 Weeks so its useful to get different perspectives. Ive had my share of Pattaya Ladies in the past, and Im sure there will be more to come! If a BahtBus goes back towards Jomtien late at night then great...if not then I guess its the Motorbike Taxi!
  4. Thanks for the input thus far guys....looks as though although Im staying in Jomtien, I'll be heading to Pattaya again for the Girls!
  5. Hello All... I have recently joined this site, and have been to Thailand on 5 seperate occasions. I am about to return once again for my 6th Visit (arrive on 22nd September). On previous Occasions I have opted to Stay in Pattaya (over the years, ive stayed in Soi 8 amongst other places). This year I will be spending some of my trip in Jomtien, as I have heard good things about the place. I wandered whether some of you guys have any feedback that you would like to share regarding Jomtien...perhaps on the bars / the women / and any particular comments or advice in general? Is it generally quieter than Pattaya in your opinion? Looking forward to hearing your comments. M81
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