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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks for the input guys. Got a short list of 3. 1.Sunshine Vista 2.The Mark-Land 3.Peace Resort Anyone stayed at these recently, i realise there are Pros and Cons everywhere but i have noticed on a couple of posts that the Sunshine Vista is surrounded by building work at the moment and is im not a particularly early riser whilst on holiday this is a negative in my book. Once again all info gratefully recieved.
  2. Cheers Guys All info greatly recieved as always. Hoping to fly out early October just starting to plan ahead now. Did a package deal last year but want to sort myself out this time now i know the lay of the land so to speak. Gracias
  3. Hi Fellas Planning my 2nd trip for this october. Stayed at the Dusit last year on a competitive package deal, great hotel with the 5star treatment but wasnt mega guest friendly and got stung on a couple of occasions with a 1000 baht guest fee!!! Anyway what i require is as follows: 1. North Pattaya Location 2. Modern hotel ie. A/C, Good Sattelite TV, Pool, In room safe. 3. Guest Friendly 4. Between 800-1000 Baht a night for approx 2 week stay. All suggestions greatly recieved, i have already discounted the Sabai Lodge met up with a couple of mates who were staying there on
  4. Hi Fellas planning another trip to LOS this october and would prefer to fly direct, is anyone aware of any good deals at the moment. Quoted £423.00 with Eltihad but it has a connection via Abu Dahbi :crying
  5. Returned last week from my first trip having done a package deal.Paid for 7 nights in the Dusit and recieved 7 nights free,which in theory is a good deal but unfortunately got stung by a 1000baht guest fee for my lady friends...OUCH...still hurts now. Starting to plan for my next tour of duty. My requirements are..... 1.Location.North Pattaya 2.No guest fee 3.Nice Pool and facilities...non shit hole 4.In room safety deposit box 5.Price 1000ish a night Noticed a couple of nice places whilst there,Woodlands Resort,Mark-Land with the smart elevator and a place on the corner of Soi 3 Beac
  6. I have been told by a couple of my associates.that there is a drink available in LOS that goes by the name of LIPPO please excuse the spelling if incorrect.Apparently this stuff is something like 10 times the strength of RED BULL.Can any of you guys confirm this and if so what does it taste like and how much is this potent concoction????? Gracias JUAN
  7. Thanks for the info guys,i think i will stick to the tried and trusted Tr/Chqs and a few Baht in hand for when i arrive.As for the hotel and guest fee i will just have to see the lay of the land when i check in. ONLY 25 DAYS 14 HRS 17 MINS TO GO........ JUAN
  8. Hi guys, I will be taking my first steps into the LOS in 26days time.Im on a package deal from the UK with Regional Connection to Heathrow,RTN flights with QUANTAS,room only accomadation 3nts Rembrahdnt Hotel BK,then 13nts Dusit Resort Pattaya with a free upgrade thrown in to a Sea-view room.I booked back in Jan and paid £917inc.Is this a good deal IHO? Also dont know a lot about the Rembrahdnt but from reading the reviews posted ref.Dusit it sonds like a belting hotel but have now enforced a guest policy at a cost of 1000baht.Would i be better off renting a room elsewhere for fun time acti
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