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  1. Hi Folks If you're in town I hope you can come along and join in the fun! Regards Paul
  2. Hi Folks Yes, it is that time of the Year again! Time to mark the achievement of surviving another Year on the Planet!!! The usual celebrations/commiserations will take place at Club Misty's on Tuesday 26th February 2013. A Pig Roast, Full Western Buffet and a Thai Buffet will all feature along with drinks from 35 Baht between 9-10.30pm. If you're in Town then come along and join in the fun, everybody welcome (well almost everybody ) Regards Paul
  3. Mr LDK doesn't age, he just Matures like a good wine! Regards Paul
  4. Hi Folks His Majesty the Lady Drink King will be celebrating the Big 50 by Hosting a Party at Club Misty's on Friday 25th January. All the regular treats will feature including a Pig Roast, Western Buffet and Thai Buffet. Everybody is Welcome so why not come on down and help him Celebrate/Commiserate. Fun Starts at 8.30pm. Regards Paul
  5. Hi Folks Sorry for the Short Notice but the Boss's Missus will be Celebrating her 24th Birthday with a Party at Club Misty's Tonight. Pig Roast, Western and Thai Buffet's will all feature. Everybody Welcome so come down and join in the Fun. Regards Paul
  6. Thanks for the Feedback. Yes, girls are encouraged to go and Sit with Customers. Some Customers don't like this approach while others are comfortable with it. As suggested on other Forums, a polite No Thank You or the right look will ensure the girl retreats if she is not to your fancy. However, actually bringing a girl over and being asked to Buy her drink before you have even spoken to her is not the way we wish to see things done. In mitigation, the Mamasan concerned is inexperienced and currently working alone so perhaps a little word with her regarding her over-enthusiasm w
  7. Many Thanks to Mr Stickman for his kind support: http://www.stickmanbangkok.com/StickmanWeeklyColumn2012/Livingstones-Bangkok.htm Regards Paul
  8. Many Thanks for the Photo! I am afraid Soft Drinks are not currently included in the Happy Hour promotion. Regards Paul
  9. We are looking at doing something on Bottled Beer in the New Year but nothing confirmed as yet. Regards Paul
  10. Thank You Very Much Kind Sir! Hope to see you soon. Regards Paul
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