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  1. Generally, when it rains in August and September, how long does the rain last. A couple of hours? All day? Thanks
  2. Hope I don't get off the topic here, but no matter how many times I get ask for money and for whatever reason, it still isn't even close to what my last girlfriend in the states cost. In fact no girlfriend in the states has been less.
  3. What are the top 3 things to do in Pattaya after the women and diving, snokeling? Any replies are appreciated.
  4. I have been reading the recommendations in the hotel section. Many times people will remark about the hotel checking IDs and sometimes taking and holding IDs. I got the impression that you may be limited to the number of people you could bring to your room, e.g., the Flipper Lodge. Is this true, that you are limited on the number of people you can bring into your room at one time? In Angeles, PI I never had any limitations at all. Thanks for any responses.
  5. I am from the U.S. and would like to know how long the visas are good for in Thailand? I know there are different lengths, but what is the shortest stay length? E.g., is there one for 14 days, if so how exactly does that work? If I arrive in Thailand on June 13th (Sunday) and leave on June 27th (Sunday) is that 2 weeks (14 days) or is it really 15 days, if I count the day I arrive and the day I leave? Obviously, I have done this before and don't want to get a visa for 14 days, and get my plane ticket a day late, that is, only be allowed to stay 14 days, but stay 15 days. Also,
  6. Looking for a hotel that is close to action (right there, minimum walking), that is clean, half way decent service, around 1000 a night, with a big shower (room for 3+ people). If you are nice enough to give me a recommendation can you tell how many "good" bars are close to your recommendation, and when I say close, I mean very short walking distance? To get a reservation at these hotels do you just email them, do you have to give a credit card number (just asking because in Angeles, PI, I don't have to and I have never had a problem with a reservation)? What does SOI mean? I
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