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  1. I have just been diagnose with diabetes .and it has effected my eyes .That would be game over if I go out in that traffic, I would like to go to Pattaya one last time .Would anyone know a hotel that I could get meals for diabetise and is girl friendly for less then 1000 baht. I won't be able to go out anybody know hotel where the guy can just stay in the hotel .and get someone to bring the Bgs in.Thanks a head of time.
  2. I am trying to get access to my bank account at the Bangkok Bank in Pattaya ..My card is being rejected in the bank machine here in Canada I am trying to find someone that speaks English In one of there banks ...so I can get it straighten out....anyone got and ideas I try phoning and they tell you to put your bank card number in ...and they keep saying it is taken to long....rejects it..I have not used it in the bank machine for a year here and but it worked then.....
  3. I did not mean to be a hard ass because I am not....I just felt he was trying to be smart because I am a old guy...I guess what I am trying to say was that he was coming across as condescension to me...
  4. Thanks alot Bazle that was a great sugestion...Definetly looks good//////
  5. I go to there to buy pussy....the same reason any guy goes there....I am just like everyone eles,,I can't get pussy back home so I go to Thailand to get it.....I have a excuse I am a old man,,But of course ,you have no problem getting women in your country.... Let me see you go there because you like there nice brown complextion.....or white women are to independent or to demanding,,,It is much more fun spending 15 hrs. on a airplane....waving your hands all over the place trying to make your self understood...having to pay them money so they will have sex with you,,,Or is it the beautful b
  6. I have been going to Pattaya for quite a few years.. I usualy stay in Buget hotels,,, but I have not been there sence I have been diagnosed with diabetes,,, Any of the hotels that I have stayed in before don't liked the idea of you doing any cooking in the room with a hot plate(smile) ..Now I will be eating in restaurants.But it is a trip in itself trying to explain to them what u want and I want to make sure I get a lot of vegetables and the right things to eat so I would like to cook them myself at times also... Now I go mostly with freelancers.. but I am getting pretty old in my late sev
  7. I have a messed up heart and can not get medical insurance coverage.......So I want to get as close to that Queen Sirikit Hospital in Satahip.....as I can...... I have been there before and the price is right......But I was living in Pattaya at the time.....anyway I am trying to find something reasonable either a hotel or apartment.....In Jomtien or Satahip.....or some where near there...... Sure would appreciate it if someone could help me on this one......
  8. I sure would like to find some ''pen pals'' sites in Thailand ....that a person can join with out having to pay..... I find that any I have tried ...say there free......but they alway come up with some B---S--- After you register..........to where they want you to pay.....
  9. I am here in Canada...and would like to know if anyone knows of good phone card to be phoning Thailand with.?...The card I have now I get five hrs. for $10.oo.....What is great ......... the problem is they b.s. you on the time you spend talking.....they charge you a lot more time then you actually spend talking .......though there is no connection charge.....
  10. Thanks a lot elef.......that is definetly the place......
  11. Hi. ... The last time I stayed in Pattaya....I stayed at a new place called Marina House...I think it was around South Pattaya Road....I will be leavening in a few days....sure could use a address..... Thanks ahead of time... Richard..
  12. I am retired ....went to Pattaya for the first time on R+R ...in the early seventies.....The only thing I never done there was by glasses.....Now I need a new pair ....Just wondering if anyone has bought glasses over there .....and could recommend somewhere.....
  13. Does anyone know the price of renting a bed or room in the Bangkok Airport ....and how long can you stay in the room..I think you can only stay for a few hrs. .....I understand you can get a buss to Pattaya from the airport..but it only leaves at certain times.....and only in the day time...
  14. Has anyone stayed at the Littel Duck Hotel... Can not contact them.....I was wondering if they have a e-mail address.....
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