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  1. I am not sure how a simple meeting request brought forth all this emotion. But I guess I will have to look elsewhere to see if there are any compatible souls out there. Best of luck to all you good folks!
  2. That shouldn't be too hard in Pattaya, getting buggered I mean. If you are not finding any takers then perhaps a dusting of talc on the rear end? I am told Ponds Magic Powder Sweetie Pink will put a nice glow on those sweet cheeks!
  3. I see what you mean by the dead brain cells. I noticed that the admin called a meeting of his own after my post - evidently the first ever. I guess the remaining functioning brain cells could not figure that out before my post. I should not point fingers though, I have done my share of killing brain cells. Anyway, you are correct, mostly. I simply wanted to meet up with some people, and not necessarily for a night out. If you are living long term (more than a few weeks) somewhere then there has to be more than bars and go gos. Having a decent conversation over a cup of coffee is not such
  4. Hello everyone. I am a visitor in Pattaya and hoping to stay a little bit. But I do not know people and it will be nice to do so. Social activity from this board seems to be almost entirely alcohol related, and I wonder if there is a chance of some people meeting in a non-alcoholic place. If anyone is interested then please indicate, and we will try to agree on a time and place. I am hoping we will get people from all cultures and races and it is important that anyone who wishes to meet recognises this. Thank you...I look forward to hearing from some people.
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