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  1. I am preparing for a trip to Thailand (for 8 weeks) in January, and as an Australian I believe a return air tkt with a Valid Passport only allows me to stay for a maximum 1 month. Is there a easier way of staying longer without leaving the country, (border crossing) to stay longer ??
  2. I see you may have some details on a place for lease or be privvy with knowledge in the 'business arena' etc, ... I'm interested in a Single Shophouse for sale with Bar/Restaurant & a few rooms a must, Lease only, around B20,000 p/mth Lease (older decor/run down the better) prefer soi 13 - soi 13/2 if any ???? Arriving Pattaya 2DEC13 to inspect as many as I can, tho
  3. excellent .... It was rumoured but my source is honorable .... yippppeeee PS: Time to celebrate soon, when open
  4. anyone heard if lk metro area has another angel witch or is it about to open in some other name
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