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  1. Stiffler, The flights were booked through Touchdown Holidays, Horley, Surrey. Tel 0870 704 5000. The accomodation, I booked seperately through Tradewinds, Accrington, Lancs Hope this helps. Bloodhound.
  2. A BIG thank you for all of your replies. ting tong I will be asking Mr Wong for my Chinese discount aswell, bartering is fun with humour and lots of smiles Anyone got any good stories or tips on the "art" of negotiating the right price?
  3. Thanks ting tong, Mr Wongs it is!!! I am looking to buy Tag, Rolex and the ones worn by the UK premiership player fancy dan brigade, the makers name escapes me. (large face with leather strap) I just hope PhuketAir gets me there
  4. Google, oh yes velly solly Never entered my head
  5. Thanks redwood. Anyone know where Ali Baba Indian restaurant is?
  6. Sorry fellas for bringing this age old topic up again, but my previous nik was lost when the board changed and I'm Pattaya bound next month, without the answers. Where do falangs buy the best quality newly released DVD's in Pattaya? Secondly, any advice on where to buy watches would be appreciated. I would normally do Panthip for DVD's and Patpong for clocks. First timer to Pattaya, should I buy in BKK? Cheers. p.s. Flying Air Phuket 747-200
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