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  1. The £316 is the price before taxes are added !.
  2. Thurs 5th Oct-Sun 29th Oct, I have checked website today and your are correct the fare has increased, from £426 to £427 fare still av as of 1600 today. Bergerac.
  3. Hi Folks I have just booked a Lon-Bkk return on Thai with West East travel £426 all in best price I have seen for a long time for a non-stop flight.
  4. Hi guys need some good advice please. My wife wants to go to Thailand in Sep I will be following in Oct. Although she speaks a little English ,she does not read or write Thai or English. I really need her to travel on Thai as they will help her with arrival forms and she feels comfortable flying with them. Is there a Thai consolidator as i have tried all the usual suspects and they all come up with basically the same prices. Anyone with inside info ( Tom ). Thanks in advance. Regards, Bergerac.
  5. I have timed the run from Patts to the new airport turnoff and the best I have done is 1 hour 10 mins keeping ish to speed limit. Who knows how long it will take initially to get to the terminals ?. The good thing is that the Bkk city thru run will be no more. B.
  6. Tom, While there is only one screen for the movie, on the night flight only one film is shown and this usually finishes soon after the meal service. I always travel in the last 3 rows of seats and there is definitely a lot more room than the 34 " in the rest of the cabin as they have 3 rows of seats corresponding with 4 in the centre section even allowing for the reduced pitch on the 7443 rear centre section. If you are a person who likes to watch the movie do not sit near the rear as there is always one person sitting in your direct view who will stand up to talk to people behind
  7. Thai only disembark from the forward doors in Bkk. I never find it a big problem being sat at the back as most people dawdle along in the terminal so a quick five minute spurt will see you ahead of most people to Immigration.
  8. The best seats with the most legroom in economy are 68,69 and 70 J & k . These seats are right at the back where the fuselage narrows and there are only two seats in these rows. The seats on the other side of the aircraft 68,69 and 70 A & B are reserved in case a stretcher needs to be carried. In these seats you can stretch your legs out without touching the seat in front which is a great help when trying to sleep. I hope this is of some help, Bergerac.
  9. Has anyone visited this lounge ?. Is there a maximum stay?. What's it like ?.
  10. Do the Taxi Usually about 1200 plus whatever tolls you choose to pay. I usually agree 1200 and say motorway and that I will pay tolls . The tolls are usually less than 200 baht so for 1500 including tip you will be in Pattaya in 90 mins.
  11. Hi Floyd, The quickest way to reserve your seat is to ring your nearest Thai office once your ticket has been paid for. If you buy through a Travel agent they should have access to the seating plan. I always check my preferred seat is available before I book with my travel agent. Sorry I cant help with the website but as long as you have your ROP card when you phone you will not have any problems.
  12. I agree good thing to have. They have a great lounge in Bkk with free drinks, sandwiches, tv and comfy chairs. The downside is a max 2 hour stay and you do not have access to the major airline lounges as the advertising seems to promise.
  13. Does anyone know if Thai have introduced the refurbished 744's on Lhr -Bkk route or when this is proposed ?. I seem to remember they hoped for the end of July.
  14. It seems Thai have changed the rules again !. Maybe because they are not on schedule for their seat retrofitting, I have yet to receive my tickets for my late Oct trip which was booked through a specialist agent. Maybe they will change the rules again?.
  15. I have just booked a package deal LHR -BKK on Thai. 20 nights in the heart of soi 7 including private transfers £810 all in for late October. You can choose your seats on the aircraft if you have a rop card. please pm me for further info.
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