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  1. Thank You John for your NICE Comments above....I am still playing with a broken right hand, but gladly use my left hand for anyone that wishes to have a Go at RacketBall.....WE NEED RacketBall or Squash PLAYERS.....We play up to 3 days a week at the Royal Cliff Sports Club, and IF you beat me, Lunch is on me, no obligation on your part the 1st time. 2nd time around, I expect the same offer....that does not mean you have to take me up on that either. Contact me if you would like to play, 084-331-1776
  2. playing RB today at royal cliff meeting at 12:30.....come if you would like a lively game.
  3. hi Atlas, we Play Racketball about 2 times a week or whenever we have time. The available courts are few in Pattaya, in that most courts are exclusively for squash, and or do not have a backwall. Please contact me, we welcome any new or old players that like to play. FairTex had a decent court, but they closed it down, we can play at CholChan on the Northside, but we are looking or alternate places as well. contact me if you wish, LifeStyleAdvisor@gmail.com ​PigsFly
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