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  1. Will arrive at around 14.30 on an Austrian Airlines aircraft on Wednesday the 14th of September. If anyone is arriving around this time and wants to share a taxi then left me know
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Basically i was going to be in Pattaya for a whole month and wanted to be as close to a better beach. I was under the impression that the beach near the Vew Talay Apartments in Jomtein is much better than in Pattaya. Therefore would only be going into Pattaya in the evenings and 10 baht for a 10 minute ride is nothing :) Am i right in assuming this ?
  3. I am trying to make a booking for an apartment in View Talay for a month. I have found a few websites and have sent emails and tried to make a reservation. However i never get any replies. Does anyone know a reliable source to book an apartment at View Talay ? Thanks again.
  4. Hey , Will be arriving in Bangkok on Monday the 4th of April at 13.30 on flight LH782 from Munich. Will be going down to Pattaya and wanted to know if anyone else was going down to Pattaya on this date. Thanks.
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