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  1. Hi there, I am speaking on behalf of mate Gonzo. He has been unable to access the member's section for one some time now, His password was rejected and when he applied for a new one, that didn't work either. He did not receive an email from Pattayatalk on how to proceed to get new PW. Any help would be appreciated by him. Regards steef
  2. http://youtu.be/t9YKU0COO0A
  3. All games are boring unless they are played at the highest level for the spectator, unless one is directly involved or a follower of a certain team or has or is playing with that team him/herself. The preference of one's game depends on where a person comes from and which game is popular there. I was brought up with soccer and soccer is still my first choice. I loved it when I was able to watch Australia play Thailand in the Asian Cup at the Rajamangala Stadium before a parochial Thai crowd despite getting soaking wet in the rain. As a youngster I become involved with an Australian Rul
  4. After watching the first two State of Origin matches I think the boys from down under will be strong favourites to win the Rugby League World Cup. The Aussies have always been better at the much rougher and tougher game of Rugby League. Rugby Union is a good game, but often decided on penalty kicks, which I dislike.
  5. Congratulations to the Brits for Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, to the Welsh for flogging the Wallabies in the decider and it looks like Chris Froome has the Tour de France in the bag as well. Your mob will probably give us another hiding in the Ashes series just to humiliate us even more. Having said that, Aussie sport is not going down the gurgler. We are just taking a breather and are one of the first teams to have qualified for the World Cup in Brazil.
  6. Who won the Mighty Lions game against the lowly Wallabies yesterday and why didn't the Mighty Lions include players from Scotland?
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