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  1. Thanks for the great info all. I am tyring to negotiate a price. You ever try using one hotel quote to lower another? It seems to be working...
  2. BigD- I thought the marriot was a no go because of the joiner fees? Are they girl friendly or not. Would I have to book for four in a two room suite if it was me and another guy to cover our daily company? Is that what you mean by book a double? clubman- Is the royal cliff girl friendly? Emil- The hospital is here in NYC. Not a consideration.
  3. You guys rock. I will be staying for about three weeks. Not sure when yet. Have to be assigned a month at the hospital. The places look great online. Only consideration I guess is proximity to the action and the beach. If it were BKK I would stay at Nana or Majectic Suites (around the corner). I enjoy being near the P4P action because I am a people watcher, especially as a tourist. Watching the ladies arrive for work is half the fun. Okay so, 1. maybe an apartment. 2. Sandy Springs is located at Soi 13 Pattaya Beach Road - I hear a lot about Soi 13 I am taking that to mean it is the place to be. 3. no marriot 4. Sunshine Vista is located at Soi 3, Beach Road - This seems a bit far from soi 13, but has reasonable access to the action. I hope "the big C" is what I am thinking 5. the others are all locate in the area of Sunshine Vista (Soi 2 or 3) - close to the beach? Where is the beach in relation to the action (soi 13 or others)?
  4. Hello all, I am planning my first trip to Pattaya! Been to the LOS but never had the pleasure of the beach. I am looking for the following and at the moment cost is no object. 1. Luxury Suite - 2 rooms joined ny a common living area 2. Close to the nightlife action - near walking street or similar strip 2. Girl friendly of course (or reasonable joiner fees) 3. Room safe I took a look at the reviews and could not piece together all of my requirements. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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