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  1. Does anyone have Mr. T's email address handy? thanks
  2. I actually had a bit of a problem when I tried to do an online booking. Specifically, I received an error message something to the effect that they didn't recognize my email address. Therefore, I just sent an email to their general reservation email address and heard back from someone at the Soi 7 property. After giving them the particulars, they sent a confirmation email back. Hope this helps
  3. What is the difference between the two. Does one have better service? ( I understand Mr. Toon charges 1200 from the airport to Patts while the other is slightly less). thanks
  4. thanks everyone for the great input. I have booked at the hotel through their website. The current rate for a superior room appears to be 1290 BHT.
  5. ToffeeAl, Did you book through the hotels website or some other site for that rate? thanks
  6. Thanks for all the advice. It looks like Eastiny 7 will do the trick.
  7. I checked and it appears as if the Eastiny Plaza on Soi 8 doesn't have room safes
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, but I email the Flipper Lodge and they don't have in room safe, just safe deposit boxes in the lobby.
  9. Hi all, I plan on making a trip out to Patts at the end of November for about 8 days and need some hotel advice. I've stayed on Soi 2 in the past (Sabaii) and figured that since I am only going to be there for 1 week, the heart of the action is the best place to be. My hope is to find something for about 1200 bt that has a room safe. With that criteria in mind, I've seen the Eastiny 7 (Superior Rooms) have room safes, but some of the reviews of the place have been mixed at best (on this site and others). Therefore, I'm open to suggestion with the above criteria in mind. Thanks in advance for all your help
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