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  1. I am exploring forming a Thai company and buying mid priced houses for rental. Looking for insight and advice. May also consider limited partnerships.
  2. Skymaster


    Thanks..any help would be great!
  3. Skymaster


    Ideal would be an expate position with an automotive company. Engineering, product development, technology development, of automotive systems. Experienced in automotive sensors, switches and electronics. Teach, train and manage. Customer presentations. and alot more... Can also do most anything from building computers to household plumbing. I have been searching for opportunities from sites like monster.com but most do not include much on Thailand. Thought it may be better to ask people that live there. Someone may have inside information on an automotive company that is looking for a highly
  4. Skymaster


    Any ideas, other then teaching english, on job/business opportunities in Pattaya?
  5. I read a post that a westerner bought a condo for $7500 US and is living there for about $500 per month. That is about 20,000 Bhat roughly. Is that realistic? What type of condo can one buy for $7500 US?
  6. Does anyone in the states recieve postal mail from Thailand? I understand the the mail system lacks in big ways. How long does mail take to get from Thailand to the states?
  7. BIGDUSA - Drop me an email so I can contact you. This is Mike from Skytop, Jack's friend from 2 weeks ago.
  8. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to send a letter from pattaya to the usa? What is the approximate postage required for a letter?
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