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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. Quality lads, I was going to stay at the Travelers rest across thge road but Joe was booked up so he go me and my mates in here, Cant wait to see you all out for beers!!!! Ryan
  2. Chang and Viagra, thats what I lived on for under a month in April! Ryan
  3. You can "smoke" in the taxis too!!!! Think I gonna take the bus on the 26th of december as my flight is arriving quite early in the day. If it was later then it would be a taxi and "Layo" "Layo" "Layo" all the way there! Oh and I agree it's one more LT!!!!! Ryan
  4. Just woundering if anyone has stayed at the above pub? If so details would be great! Ryan
  5. Just phoned ebookers and I'm going to fly out on the 7th now so will be in town on the 8th! Will get back with venue but will be around 22:00 when I'm out! Ri
  6. What email address has everyone used to get into the members only bit. Mine are all generic like yahoo and I don't think you can use them? Ryan
  7. 08444621212 then you +66 and your Thai number with the 0 knocked off the end! 2P a minute plus you can use free minutes on you phone! Ryan
  8. Will have to be a little later than that as I don't arrive untill the 13th of April. Where abouts you from bazzinder dude? Ri
  9. I'l be there lads from the 14th of April, will post up Thai number next week when I get my sim card back from my mate! Ri
  10. Cool glad to see there so many people out there in April! LennyBaby and bazzinder defo want to meet up for a beer and visit a few bars! Them girls are hunters and I remember the scratch's fom Soi 6 when I went down one night alone! Best to move in packs in Pattaya! Will be there on the Thursday night, quick shower then out! Guess I will start vic's bar then move up! Man I can't wait! Ri Let us know you plans dudes!
  11. Weird I think a lot of people go out in groups then come back at the next possible chance! I was here with 10 mates at Crimbo but am going back out on the 12 of April for the Songkran! Will land at 18:00 on the 13th! So who ever is out partying let me know! Ryan
  12. Wow I fly out on the 12th of April! I went in Dec-Jan and booked again 2 day after been back! I'm only 20 and I love Pattaya! God help me! Anyone out there for the Songkran? I went with a lot of people but this time I'm out on my own! Ryan
  13. Well I've up my budget to around £60 aday so that should see me right I hope. My apartment is already paid for and sorted! Is there anything that I need to bring over to enhance my stay! Ryan P.S Anyone from the Manchester area going to be there over Christmas?
  14. I hear there a fair bit of meat over there anyway! Ryan
  15. When you say outside beer bar where are these places in Pattay? Ryan P.S Only 2 weeks tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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