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  1. Agree. In fact I gave you a tick for bringing it up. It's strange really. For many years this guy has been bringing us news, views and great entertainment and yet somebody thinks that it's wasting our time and rewarding him accordingly. Nowt so strange as folk! Sent from my CPH1941 using Tapatalk
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  2. That is a persistent problem with this board with the 'reactions" being anonymous, except to the mods/admin.
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  3. Neither do I, however I checked to make sure it wasn't me and mine was a laughing head. Cannot see what would have upset that member, unless he is the Turkish chef....🤔😆
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  4. Thanks @monkeyman for another installment of Monkeywatch. Don't understand why someone would give your lighthearted look at the state of Pattaya a red arrow. Hopefully it's just a case of color blindness and they meant to click on the green one.
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