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    Seventeen days since the last update so time for another shrinking Mabprachan Reservoir update. Here's the Google Earth overview of the route this morning with markers where the pictures were taken (Satellite image Nov 5, 2018). Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Down another .5m since 11 January. Pic 4: The lake now supports two modes of transportation. Pic 5 Pic 6: I think we'll soon be able to see just how deep the channel is to the pumping station. Pic 7: What remains in this pocket of water is too small for the big blue pump. They're now using a smaller pump just on the other side of the big pump. Pic 8: As it turns out I didn't need to use the rickety log bridge. There was a land bridge on the other side of the pump in the above picture that allowed me to ride my mtn bike to the other side. Pic 9: All that's left of the lake in parts is a marsh. Pic 10 Pic 11: The lake has receded enough so I could ride my mtn bike across the lake bed to the other side. Pic 12: The fishing camp is now high and dry. For comparison, the fishing camp on 11 November, view is from the other side of the camp in the above picture. Pic 13: Last time the water was this low was September, 2015. That year it was only one month until the start of the rainy season. This year we're eight months from any appreciable amount of rain. Same view from September, 2015. Pic 14 Pic 15 Pic 16 Pic 17 Pic 18: This is the view of the current northern edge of the main body of water left in the reservoir. Pic 19 Pic 20: Let's see how far out I can get on the bike. Pic 21: The ground is a bit soft and mushy in spots, but still rideable. Pic 22: Made it to the other side. Pic 23: Not much water left to pump into the retaining pond on the edge of the reservoir. At the current rate of water consumption, my guess is we have at most two months of water left in the reservoir. The Chonburi government really needs to act now to protect what little remains of the main water supply for Pattaya, and pigs may fly.
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