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    I went out to Bangkok in February. Thought I would treat myself so bought a Premium Economy ticket on Austrian. I was a bit concerned about the connecting time in Vienna but was assured it would be sufficient. Well Austrian and Vienna airport were the biggest shamble I have ever seen and I have flown a bit ! Firstly the plane from Vienna that was to turn to be my plane was late. I enquired about the connecting flight again but was told once again by the check in that it would be fine. It wasnt. The Heathrow to Vienna flight arrived into Vienna with 5 minutes before the scheduled flight to Bangkok. I was told by email that there would be people at the arrival gate to advise where to go. There wasnt. It was chaos. Now I'm pretty sprightly and had studied previous Bangkok flights so had a rough idea where to go, I found a staircase leading up so ran balls out up them. To be confronted by the most ridiculous pair of morons manning a security post. The girl on the X Ray machine hadnt a clue, she also looked like she hadnt washed for a month and her hair was that greasy I would suspect more than a month. 5 Tome the morns put me through their stupid Metal detector. eventualy they had me nearly strip before finally deciding to do a drugs test on my carry on bag. Finally letting me go I only just made it to the departure gate which was technically closed but I just flashed my boarding pass and walked past the zombie on the desk and onto the flight. 16 other passengers didnt make it and got dumped into a hotel for the night, then after spending 6 hours in Vienna they were shipped up to Frankfurt and out onto a Lufthansa flight to Bangkok .So after getting to my 'Premium Economy' seat, which is simply an old Business class seat. I found myself sitting next to what looked like a 25 year old female snowflake. IN the entire 10 hour flight she spoke only one word when, friendly chap that I am, I asked her if her trip was for Business or Pleasure. She replied with her one word "Business" and that was that. Now one of the reasons I wanted premium Economy was for the better food. WRONG. I chose the chicken. What turned up was a lump of meat, overcooked inedible and hard as iron. Next to it was a sea of mushy peas, or a better description would be a Mushy PEA with a lot of water. There was also 2 lonely what looked like tinned potatoes. It was disgusting. The breakfast was even worse. I couldnt even stomach the idea of returning on that airline and bought myself an Eva Air flight, Good seat and good food. Now my friend was due to follow me to Bangkok on Austrian the following day. True to form his flight from Heathrow to Vienna was late and as he arrived he watched the Bangkok flight taking off. He was sent to a Hotel for the night and told the same story as the earlier passengers that he would be sent to Frankfurt then on to Bangkok. He refused and demanded a refund and a flight back to London. Then magically, they found a Thai flight the next day from Vienna. He is now currently chasing them for the 600 Euro's he is entitled to. He said the staff at Vienna Airport were rude and surly even though he was the one being dumped upon Dont fly Austrian !!!!
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    they go up tiddly up up, they go down tiddly down down. This afternoon's rates.
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    No sir, the hold up was that the flight Into Heathrow was over half an hour late. I questioned the departure gate specifically if there was going to be a problem in Vienna and was told there wouldnt be. The only reason I got on the flight was that the Vienna to Bankok flight was also late. If it had departed on time it would have departed 10 minutes before I arrived. I was trying to be sociable to the snowflake, on the basis that we would be sitting next to each other for 10 Hours+. But dont panic I will never sit next to you. I do have some standards.😅
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    Found this article that sets things out quite well: http://www.b737.org.uk/mcas.htm To disable the problem function involves selecting the automatic 'stab trim' off. I've tried to find (without success so far) a photo of the panel showing the switches on the Max, rather than older versions.
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    If a decent smiley was added I would have considered it funny, but looking from some other posts on the same day from the same poster. it would seem he got out od bed on the wrong side. Ive solved the problem now though
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    I thought it was funny too, but I guess some people have no idea what this forum is about.
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    It is a pain in the arse. Standing there with nothing but the gear you've got on (and probably have had on for a good while if flying from the UK) plus maybe some spare pants and socks in your Hand carry, as you stare forlornly at the now almost deserted baggage carousel with only an empty trolley and a sinking feeling in your heart. All kinds of things go through your mind, everything from imagining a group of baggage handling somchais lifting up your favourite shirt to see if it fits while divvying up the expensive aftershave and chocolates you brought for your tilac, through to a solitary case standing on the tarmac at your previous departure gate with a fucking great question mark sticker attached to it and some grubby handed labourer opening his pliers... Don't panic, it's not that bad. well, it is actually. I will refer specifically to Bangkok Suvarnhabumi Airport in this case. Rule 1: KEEP YOUR BAGGAGE RECEIPT. It's that little sticker the check in agent gives you and sticks to the back of your boarding pass which I've often seen dropped on the floor of an aircraft or stuffed into the seat pocket and left behind. This little sticker is your lifeline in the case of lost baggage, and without it you really are fucked. It has a barcode and reference number which gives the details of your flight , destination, date and weight of the bag. It correlates with the big sticker they put through the handle and also the small sticker they attach to it somewhere on the back or front. This is the first thing they will ask for. Step 1: When you are certain you have no luggage, look to the end of the arrival hall (where the Carousels are), if you are looking towards the exits of the hall, it is a desk situated towards the left hand side, usually manned by 2 Thais in blue jackets and has a large board of numbers for airlines behind it. Approach the guy in a nice manner, he is here to help you , and help you he will. There's no point getting your "carrier phone number" off the wall, they're all out of date. Step 2: He wil ask for : Baggage receipt Flight Details (to confirm) Bag description Weight your phone number / email your hotel and destination and how long you are there for. At this point tell him you have no Email facility - the reason is that they like to do everything by Email, and we all know how pro active Thais are when it comes to a prompt reply by email, don't we?. Give him as much detail of the hotel as you can, address etc but decline email contact. He will fill out a form and give you the top copy, along with a piece of paper with 2 numbers on it. The best thing to do with the piece of paper is to wipe your arse with it, as the numbers are permanently engaged, but keep hold of the top copy. It will also have a reference number on it which you need to make a separate note of in case you lose anything. With the benefit of hindsight I would tell anyone in this situation to ask for the BFS office number and Ground station baggage handling number - but they might be reluctant to give it to you, or they might insist that it is the one on the piece of paper (it isn't). This is what I ended up doing: Step 3: Go to your hotel and speak to the receptionist, tell them your problem and that you might need them in a little while. Step 4: At your Hotel reception and engage the help of the better English speaking staff there, because after getting really fucking frustrated at trying to call the number which is always engaged, you realise all the baggage handling at BKK is done by BFS https://www.bangkokflightservices.com/home/ . Give the receptionist the "top copy" and point out the unique ref number. At this point you ask reception to call the BFS office on this number: +66 (0) 2134 4336 and speak very nicely to the lady or bloke on the other end, who will put them through directly to the guy on the ground staff dealing with lost luggage. Ask them also to relay your phone number and hotel address details to the person in the office and the ground staff guy (although the office person might just speak to the ground staff then relay the info back to you). This takes a while so if doing it ensure you have a ton of load on your phone. Step 5: Relax knowing that you've done all you can. The following morning, get reception to call and chase up the situation. In my case there was only one Cebu Pacific flight a day into BKK which arrived at 10:15, so by mid day I was chasing it up and sure enough my case had arrived, it was then just a case of them delivering it to the correct address. All credit to BFS they did call me an hour before it arrived ensuring that I was at the hotel. So basically, get hold of or make a note of the following and keep in your hand carry: BFS office number BKK Your phone number LOS Hotel details Hotel contact number LOS
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    As the Lion Air crew fought to control their diving Boeing 737 Max 8, they got help from an unexpected source: an off-duty pilot who happened to be riding in the cockpit. That extra pilot, who was seated in the cockpit jumpseat, correctly diagnosed the problem and told the crew how to disable a malfunctioning flight-control system and save the plane, two people familiar with Indonesia’s investigation told Bloomberg. The next day, under command of a different crew facing what investigators said was an identical malfunction, the jetliner crashed into the Java Sea killing all 189 aboard. The previously undisclosed detail on the earlier Lion Air flight represents a new clue in the mystery of how some 737 Max pilots faced with the malfunction have been able to avert disaster while the others lost control of their planes and crashed. The presence of a third pilot in the cockpit wasn’t contained in Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee’s November 28 report on the crash and hasn’t previously been reported. Yahoo News.
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    Hands up who has "Thai Baggage".....
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    Have large unique stickers/transfers on my luggage. Easy to find when it drops onto the conveyor but also makes it much less likely for a lowlife to want to walk around with it after he has stolen it...
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    I've painted my suitcase with brilliant white emulsion not just because it is then hard to miss or in case it may be picked up off the carousel by mistake but also because of mosquitoes! I had two suitcases, one black and the other dark blue and as you know mossies are attracted to dark colours. I found on several occasions that I'd bought a few of the insects back to the UK with me in my case and as I'm allergic to their bites their smugging themselves back to my home was not a good idea. So far the white paint seems to have deterred the little stowaways from having free meals and causing me considerable discomfort upon their arrival in London. Neither have I had my luggage go astray either.
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    The thing that bothers me the most is the eyewitnesses reports that the plane had parts falling off and that there was smoke. There were a number of witnesses. Are they all wrong? I was sure that the flight recorders would clear that up but there is no mention of it yet. If there was a structural failure while in flight Boeing will deserve to have their tit in the wringer big time.
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    Good OP Butch I hadnt realised I had already responded about the coloured string around both grab handles which will remove 99% the chance of some tit picking up accidentally the wrong one. In addition I put the frequent flyers luggage tags even if the tag is expired again it has your name on it What have also started doing is as I leave home is photograph the bag makes it very easy for the description bit of a lost bag form. I've been lucky never had one go astray and stay astray. Had one arrival at Heathrow where bag didnt come off but as Butch says the boarding card tab has the barcode on the back. Immediately they were able to see it hadnt been loaded along with others because of a weight problem with the airline on BA and it was delivered to me at home next day. Handy because I didnt have to walk through customs with 40 shirts in the bag
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    Just noticed, if you have given a greenie or a red or whatever the other options are on a post, an x in a black circle will appear. Press it and your vote will disappear.
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    Technically I just gave you two greens.
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    Its worth noting that if your luggage is lost for over 24 hours and you have collected all the paperwork then you are entitled (AFAIK) to buy up to £100 of essential clothes and get the airline to pay. It happened to me in 1982 and I got all my money back for clothes and another pair of shoes.
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    I always remove the 3 digit no on the signature side that is used for online purchases with a razor blade or sharp knife. That prevents them from making online purchases if they copy your card no. That seems to be a major problem here in Thailand. Keep a note of it somewhere safe and you can still use it for buying online.
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    I use mine about 8 times a months (max withdrawal is $500) on average and never had a problem with getting back all atm fees immediately. If someone used it 30 times a month i am sure it might raise some red flags not only from Schwab but from the US government re money laundering. They do not state how many times you are allowed to use the ATM per month any where in any literature that I have read.
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    Sounds to me like using them in Thailand would be safer than using them in the USA!
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    Beach road is a shadow of her former self. I loved making out on the couches of the old closed faced bars of the 6. The babe would get it rock hard - then it was BJ with pussy caressing time. Fuck the moron and his PC forum. More construction. However; the aforementioned greater Bukhow zone is teaming with massage pussy. A shower with the gal, 20 minute foreplay massage - followed by a BBBJ can be had for a 400 - 500 baht tip - which was the going rate 10 years ago.
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    No, not unless I do it manually, which I did not this time. I did find the problem however. One of my host servers - the one that hosts my generic web server that does the redirection for pattayatalk.com, was paused because it was low on disk space... one of the backup routines got way out of hand lol. Its now fixed... and cheers for making me go look. It might have been a week before I checked it as there is nothing else critical running on that server lol.
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    My condo has 80 floors divided between 2 towers . Mostly hi-so Russian families with impressive cars. I've been here for over a year and have only met 2 other English speakers. Ivan has not been very friendly , maybe just a language difference. More likely the alley cats i drag in and out on a regular basis. I have not been a good Ambassador of America here.
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    Not much progress on the Easy R-Con Bar open sewer.
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    Indeed it would. Unfortunately most stuff including hundreds of pics and negatives of my wedding, family and kids all went up in flames when the Thatched roof of my house caught fire and burned the place down (thanks to a neighbour who's chimney caught fire and blew sparks onto my roof)
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