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    The Festival has been taking place over this weekend - from Friday until today - on Beach Road, with food stalls for most of the way from Hard Rock to Soi 2. The pictures below were taken this afternoon, very overcast with a sprinkling of rain. It would be more accurate to call it a food festival rather than a seafood festival because, I reckon, more than half the stalls were not selling seafood. There were some music events on the beach.
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    Easy R-Con open sewer concrete forms going in.
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    Have to applaud you BD for recommending 'Bosch'. Well written.....slowly evolving cases. Bosch puts a lid on his inner emotions and deals phlegmatically with everything thrown at him. Even as a subordinate he's always in charge. Just finished 4 seasons. Cheers.
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    Somebody said this photo was funny, but I can't seem to see it....
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    Those bloody assholes in Whitehall!.
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    The condo has been rented. Thanks to all posters.
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    Durian Fruit Festival - 15 to 19 May http://www.thailandexhibition.com/TradeShow-2019/17717 Preparations being made this afternoon at Central Festival:
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    You're posting a lot smashing photos, thanks Joe
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    Hi, Well done to Man City for winning the PL.
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    I think this girl might be in the wrong job. (Couldn't get a better picture. Her right hand is covering the 'f' at the start of the bottom line.😁)
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    Easy R-Con open sewer progress as of this morning. 2nd Rd work to move overhead cables underground. Still working on the footings at the construction site on 3rd Rd near Klang. No word on what's going in at the now closed M-Club, but they're doing a lot of work on the site.
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    Ok chaps. here's some from the HDD I've had floating around. Not any particular year but a few venues have gone since I took them. They may be alreayd posted elsewhere on the forum in an age old TR, so apoligies if you've already seen them. Infamous Soi 6 Moving down to a quiet Beach Rd Pre improvement days lol. Gullivers Soi 1 end. Again, view from Soi 1 down to BR
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    Always good to see Pattaya of old pics. Earliest pics I have are from my first trip in 2008. Here's one from Loy Krathong that year. They used to have a stage set up at the entrance to WS for the Loy Krathong traditional dance. And here's a pic of the "Hilton waterfall" from Oct, 2013. Can't remember how many times they repaired that section only to have it wash out in the next heavy rain.
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    OK, I'll try to attach a few: From the early days of Soi LK Metro. The others just from around the area.
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    Yes USD too, trade tensions with China, Iran concerns.
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