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    In less than a year, 3Bz Burritoz has established itself as one of (the?) foremost place in Pattaya for Tex-Mex style burritos, tacos and quesadillas. I've never been to the brick-and-restaurant, but I have ordered food for delivery once or twice a month since June. I've never been disappointed. The U.S. owner and his wife know how Tex-Mex should taste and look. Prices are very reasonable. I particularly enjoy the breakfast burritos, which I agree are the best in Pattaya. They come in three variations and range in price from 99 ฿ to 159 ฿. The 8-inch tortilla Bebecito (two scrambled eggs, ham and cheese) at 99 ฿ is usually enough for me. When I've been really hungry, I've ordered El Grande (six eggs(!), ham and cheese in a 12-inch tortilla) at 139 ฿ or De Maximo (four eggs, ham, cheese, fried potatoes and beans in a 12-inch tortilla) at 159 ฿. De Maximo is a full meal, at least for me. In the pic below, it's a Bebecito on the left and a 8-inch pork burrito on the right. The non-breakfast burritos come in variety of styles (chicken, pork, beef, vegetarian, fish, refried beans), with two sizes (8- and 12-inch) for most. The breakfast burritos come with fresh salsa and sour cream, while you have a choice of two salsas and sauces for the other burritos. You can choose between pulled or ground meat. The Danny burritos are extra large, with double meat. a whole butter sauteed onion and triple cheese. Depending on the meat, they range in price from 169 ฿ to 269 ฿. The pics below feature a pork Danny. On some days the burritos come with a complementary handful of nacho. The chciken, pork and beef tacos are also great and come in hard corn or soft wheat tortillas. Quesadillas round out the three main items on the 3Bz Burritoz menu. It's my favorite in the pics below, the 8-inch cheese quesadilla for 169 ฿. The burritos, tacos and quesadillas are well seasoned and definitely have a spicy Tex-Mex kick to them. They all have their origins as traditional Mexican street food, but the types offered by 3Bz are Tex-Mex adaptations. That's not a bad thing. The "big burritos" that originated in San Francisco are superior to the original Northern Mexican cigar-sized burritos. The menu for 3Bz Burritoz has a few sides as well, including nachos, hot wings and a bad-ass food truck favorite, loaded Mexi fries. You can also order extra black beans, fried rice and refried beans. I've never had an problems with delivery. You can order by phone or through 3Bz Facebook page. Most of the deliveries I've gotten have arrived in 20 minutes, but the current spate of roadwork is delaying delivery, according to the owner. In case you want to visit the restaurant, it's located here: And a pic from the Facebook page: 3Bz does a lot of catering to bars, so you have an opportunity to sample its food for free. Bottom line: 3Bz Burritoz is an excellent option for burritos, tacos and quesadillas, especially if you favor home delivery. Evil
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    GOPHER-BE-GONE How to rid your yard of those pesky gophers using a little bit of gasoline. Gophers_BeGone.mp4
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    On Sunday I ordered the "special of the day" for delivery. It was an excellent meal. To crossthe 250 ฿ threshold for free delivery, I added a 50 ฿ side order of diced potatoes, onions and sweet peppers to bring the order total over the 250 ฿ threshold for free delivery. This is what the order looked like upon arrival after a one-hour wait. Everything had been packaged separately so all the components remained hot and weren't soggy. The Country Fried Steak order included country gravy, brown gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed mixed veggies as well the steak itself. Country fried steak, also known as chicken fried steak, is a U.S. favorite which dates to the 1850s in Texas. German immigrants are usually credited with inventing it as an adaptation of the classic Austrian wiener schnitzel. In its modern form, country fried steak is a piece of top sirloin or round that has been tenderized through pounding or with a blade tenderizer. The meat is dipped in egg batter and dredged in seasoned flour, then fried in a skillet or deep fried. It is most often served smothered in country gravy, aka white gravy, milk gravy, sausage gravy, sawmill gravy and several other names. In some areas of the U.S., country fried steak is served with brown gravy with onions instead of country gravy. The steak had been cut into strips. I'm guessing that was out of consideration for delivery customers in hotels who don't have access to metal silverware and have to use the plastic knife and fork that comes with the order. It's not always easy to cut meat with a plastic knife. The cubed steak was tender and flavorful. It had been properly breaded and wasn't overcooked. The steamed carrots, broccoli and cauliflower were fresh. Only the kernels of corn had been frozen. The country gravy was the right consistency, had been well seasoned and contained plenty of American-style sausage bits. The mashed potatoes were the weakest point, bland and a bit stodgy, but the brown gravy helped a lot. Bottom line: It was a very good meal that I enjoyed a lot. The portion size was perfect for me. I saved the side order of potatoes for another meal. I had them with corn on the cob from 7/11 and a couple of eggs that I did a bad job of frying myself. Two filling meals for less than 300 ฿ isn't bad at all. Evil
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    Le Pub is now sporting a new sign on Walking Street.
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    This one brought back some memories. I used to fly on their Tristars and VC-10's when they had this scheme. The only thing missing is the clicking of 150 duty free Ronson lighters when the "no Smoking" sign goes out...
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    This is from BigC-X. It is behind a screen so a lot of reflection.
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    This is what the intersection of Pattaya Klang and 3rd Road looked like late afternoon a few days ago: And the same intersection today at about 6.00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon: And Friday: Looking down Klang towards Beach Road: At about 4.30 p.m., parts of Beach Road were gridlocked. I got off the baht bus at the intersection of Klang and Beach Road because trafic was at a standstill. By the time I had walked to Central Festival, traffic still hadn't moved. Evil
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    A very nice steady weakening of the Baht over the last 5 days. Long may it continue
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    Yes, it is possible, that's why they quote a "selling" rate. Obviously, it will depend on whether they have the currency in stock, though. You might need to give them some notice.
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    Just for you and your impending trip mate! Sorry about the reflection.... it's Euro, Euro, GBP, GBP, AUD, JPY, SGD under there.
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    Yep 40.06 at time of post. Should put TT's around 39.90 give or take Baht weakened out against the Greenback up/down depending on point of view to 30.52 interbank at time of post
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    Yes, my first ever flight to the Middle East, a Tristar from London to Bahrain, then on to Abu Dhabi. Boy was I concerned sat in Bahrain waiting for my connection. Left a real good girlfriend behind and now surrounded by....well I think you know Butch!
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    Sterling was 39.72 just before TT closed
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    Others continue to claim pen marks make notes unacceptable. How is it that I have only EVER had ONE note rejected which was pretty bad I agree and a 2nd for an outright forgery. (only a tenner as well I gave it back to Tesco for shopping seeing it came out of their ATM 😂😂) So 1 single note in decades rejected for scribbling dirty or torn. What am I doing differently. ! Out of interest that really grubby note rejected at TT I changed around the corner in Sabai exchange under Atlantic bar Its like an enduring story that does the circuit and an internet myth has somehow become an internet fact....one thing when you present your notes ensure they are all the correct way around neatly presented. Nothing pisses off bank tellers more than being presented with the opposite
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    Lucky for me I have a son and a couple of mate and we drive each other to the airports as needed.
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    My father had an ongoing war with Gophers. He would spend hours watering the hole, only to have the gopher exit from another hole. Finally he used Carbide. He would put it in the hole, add water, and the carbide gas that was heavier than air would sink to the bottom, then one match, and it was the same results as the vid. But he never got rid of the gophers....
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    Think I will deposit all my stash of old 20£ notes soon as once the new 20£ apppears I doubt the exchange places in Thailand will entertain them .......
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    The ground traffic pattern has changed since they opened the new terminal. Before, you would typically taxi past a few military aircraft parked at the north end. Often, one or two would be US. Now, you are too far away to tell.
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    My Ti Wifes home is Amanat Charoen where she is building her retirement house. I am amazed how the area has changed over the last 15 years from a small rice village to urban.
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    It's a joint military and civilian airport under the control of the Royal Thai Navy. It's the home base for the RTN's First Air Wing. You can find more information here (Link). Evil
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    Surely you can simply put them on an external drive?
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    The new Nirun market has a new structure going up. Looks like another first class, Thai quality concrete pad. The other structure has been stocked with household goods. Best to bring a hydration pack when shopping though as it only opens on the front side, so it's going to be bloody hot in there.
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    Leave it 24 hours refresh the page after clearing cache. I know that sounds daft but occasionally I get what you seeing where it says you need to become a member etc etc. Sometimes I cant bypass it myself as well so pick another site. Putlockers I think is a "cousin" of the 123 movies site and all its variations
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    When I first shipped out after training in late 1969, I took a MAC flight from Travis AFB to Hickam. These were commercial airline companies, under contract, flying military personel and dependents to duty stations. I was headed for Schofield Barracks. Many got on subsequent commercial airlines and headed for Guam, the PI etc. They call them Space-A now if I recall, for space available. In my day it was a booked flight, orders were cut. I am not sure what they use now. In Fresno, Ca. Next door to the airport is an air NG unit. The day I flew out of there the NG was sending fighter jets up using FAT runways. Watched them from the waiting area. "Fresno Yosemite International Airport (IATA: FAT, ICAO: KFAT, FAA LID:FAT), formerly known as Fresno Air Terminal, is a joint civil-military publicairport located in eastern Fresno, in Fresno County, California. It is home to Fresno Air National Guard Base and the 144th Fighter Wing (144 FW) of theCalifornia Air National Guard." https://flyfresno.com/military-operations-2/ So it is correct about shared facilities. Many other and different examples.
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    I watched it all and can't say it truly improved. It was an OK movie and I'm sure plenty of people will like the story and some of the cinematography, but my recommendation is if it's on TV and you don't have much else to do, give it a look. Any comparison to Saving Private Ryan in anything other than extremely basic premise is pretty far-fetched IMO.
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    Well am using Firefox (as always) just occasionally it defaults to HD which requires memebership (apparently). I just close that window and refresh. Its pretty reliable 9 times out of 10
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    Oishi has an all-you-can-eat option at the Oishi Eaterium at Central Festival. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds similar to the Oishi buffet that used to be on the second floor of The Avenue. It's not cheap at about ฿800 (including 7% VAT), but it is still value-for-money because it's not just sushu and sashimi. The Eaterium has a whole array of 88 Japanese and "international" hot and cold dishes from soups and appetizers through main dishes(some cooked to order) and desserts. I'm not sure I can do justice to 800 baht's worth of food in one sitting any longer. You have 1 hour 45 minutes in which to eat all you want. From the Oishi Website:
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    Given the time limit of 1 hr 45 mins I will give it a pass how good it might be... Thanks for the report.
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    for those of us without FB, can someone please post the story?.
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    I planned to have dinner last night at Cheap Charlie's on Soi Buakhao, but when I got there at 6.30 p.m., every single seat, inside and out, at the counters and tables, was taken. The pic below is from an hour later and the crowd had thinned a bit, but it was still very busy. I've been critical of the food at Cheap Charlie's, but you can't argue with success. They must be doing something right and it can't just be low prices. Maybe the discount "Rewards" card was a smart move? The Hungry Hippo and the Chunky Monkey also had plenty of customers, but not a full as CCs. Nearby Prime Burger, Harry's and Kilkenny were well frequented as well. I tend to avoid crowded restaurants as that's when serving times get long and it's easy for the cook and service staff to make mistakes. I popped across the street and had dinner at 18 Coins. It was good, but since I had Thai food, a review would be out of place in this thread. I did notice one of the least enticing promotions I've ever seen, plus a creepy robot watched me eat: Some Saturday specials in the LK Metro area. Most pics are from Facebook. Cottage pie and lasagne at Kilkenny. The Robin's Nest is under new management. I haven't tried it, but hopefully the food has been lifted from its previous steep decline. As I passed by, a staffer handed me a 10% discount coupon. Note that it's "local fish." The Tuesday special looks good. You can have beer and lasagne specials on Thursday: The regular menu includes pasta bowls and paninis. Harry's has a value-for-money pork planksteak every day. I've had it and it's good. This isn't a special, but Prime Burger has begun with a Beyond Meat plant-based burger. To the right is a pic of Prime's signature smash burger for comparison. A bit away from LK Metro at The Avenue Shopping Plaza you have the Robin Hood Tavern with some decent specials. The chicken parm is today's special, but I would have been more tempted by Tuesday's special, the Cajun salmon with penne pasta. Both are ฿249. Evil
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    Thanks for that extra detail EP. It certainly seems stupid to fly civilian and military aircraft from the same airport, especially during a conflict.
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    Before I get into the nitty-gritty, it's important to note the downing of Iran Air 655 in July , 1988, came in the wake of the Stark incident. About a year earlier, in May, 1987, the USS Stark had been attacked in neutral waters by a Iraqi jet that mistook it for an Iranian oil tanker. Two missiles hit the Stark, killing 37 sailors and wounding 21. This caused huge public outrage in the U.S. and prompted some major policy changes within in the U.S. government and Navy. A court of inquiry recommended the court martial of the Stark's captain and chief executive officer, both career Navy men, for failing to defend their ship. The top Navy brass chose not to court martial them, but they were reprimanded and forced to resign. The two officers had been accused of delaying defensive action too long as they attempted to determine if the plane was military and had hostile intentions. The Navy sent a clear message to all its captains that defending their ships and the lives of U.S. personnel were their primary duties. On the technical side, the radar of the Stark's anti-missile system had failed to pick up the two missiles attacking it. This exposed weaknesses in the naval radar used to defend many U.S. warships at the time. It was against this background the USS Vincennes had been ordered into the Persian Gulf as part of Operation Good Will to protect U.S. vessels that were escorting Kuwati oil tankers during the "Tanker War" phase of the Iran-Iraq War. This could get complicated and very lengthy. Some of the accounts of the incident that appeared in the mainstream media weren't accurate. You can find the best and most complete account here. The USS Vincennes was one of the first Navy warships to be equipped with the Aegis integrated naval defense and weapons system. The commander of the Vincennes was thought to be under "secret" orders to test the system as thoroughly as possible under actual combat conditions. He also had very firm orders to protect the billion-dollar Aegis system as well as the ships which were being escorted. But to answer your question- no, he was not reprimanded for his actions in connection with the downing of Iran Air 655. The official report felt he had ordered the shooting down of Iran Air 655 on the basis of faulty information from his crew. There was a design flaw in the display function of the Aegis system that had to do with the tracking numbers assigned to aircraft which the system detected. For a long time investigators were mystified as to how the 18-man crew that manned the Aegis system could have mistaken the Airbus for a military jet. For over a decade, the Navy felt the most plausible explanation was a mass psychological factor called "scenario fulfillment." However, other information emerged after 2000 that indicated the screens of the Aegis system were confusing and may have displayed the wrong information. Basically, the display led the crew to believe the ascending Iran Air 655 was a descending Iranian military plane much farther away. There were also mistakes regarding time zones and air speed vs ground speed when identifying Iran Air 655, which had taken off from an airport used for both civilian and military flights. The U.S. government issued a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) warning airlines that operated flights that crossed the Persian Gulf. The need to respond to messages from U.S. military vessels was emphasized. It's crazy the Iranian government allowed a civilian flight to take off when a naval battle was raging directly under its flight path. It's almost as if they wanted it shot down At that time, Iran was using human-wave suicide attacks in its land battles with Iraq. Ten of thousands of "matyrs," mostly civilians, were used in these attacks. A version of the "swarm" suicide attack was also tried by groups of Iranian gunboats. Suicide attacks were a big part of Iran's strategy. Some observers believed Iran was trying to manipulate the U.S. into attacking a civilian flight as this would put pressure on the U.S. to stop its tanker escort missions. Two hundred ninety "martyrs" is nothing to the Iranian government in this connection. The Iranians were getting their asses kicked at this point in the Iran-Iraq War and needed either a miracle to turn the tide or an excuse for seeking a cease-fire. The shooting down of Flight 655 didn't provide the mullahs with a miracle as the U.S. continued esorting tankers and attacking Revolutionary Guards' unit. It did give the Iranian government an excuse for a cease-fire. Evil
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    I live in Chelmsford and can get to Stansted in 25, 35-40 in peak traffic) minutes it takes me 1 hour and 10 minutes with no traffic to get to Heathrow (Did it at middy just before xmas and it took me over three and a half hours for the round trip) and about the same to Gatwick , from Colchester where my son lives its 40 minutes to stansted and 1 hour and 50 minutes to Heathrow and Gatwick . so how you think its just as easy to use the other airports from essex is beyond me.One other thing although it may now be well out of date, but I heard that the landing fees at heathrow and gatwick were double that of Stansted and add to that the limited number of slots at the current heathrow and gatwick airports.
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    Tell me about it Teelak. This time last year arrived back into Heathrow to find as normal Egate wont let me through. It worked first time 8 years ago when passport reissued but never since. Redirected to manual check. Not for the first time immigration guy says you're brown where have you just come from. Bangkok via Muscat on Oman I respond politely as always. He's looking at the passport carefully looking obviously for a fake etc and asks me VERY casually wheres "Nordsee Clinic" then...... I'm looking at him am obviously a bit tired but I know what he's asking but more to the point how does he know lol...... I was born in Germany (father in forces) in a tiny little clinic (that had 2 beds mum told me) on the island of Sylt. On my birth certificate it says Sylt as place of birth issued in Hamburg but absolutely nothing else lol I only knew about 10 years when mother brought the subject up ! So I answer the immigration guy with a smile "clinic where I popped out" to which he responds "correct" with a smile and hands passport back I'm thinking WTF lol....
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    You could stay at the upper end of Bukhao, the baan bukhao is cheap, plus you can cut through New Plaza to Soi 8 just down the road, and there are baht bus to LKM and back from outside the LK royal suites. http://www.baanbuakhaopattaya.com/ https://www.google.com/maps/@12.9349073,100.888461,3a,75y,330.45h,94.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s4los6 Kev in thailand did a review on it as well.
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    i doubt its local to me in the north west of England but the atm machines were spitting out brand new sequential 20s 200 got you 160 in 20s and 40 quid in new tenners its probably due to the fact that soon they will be launching the plastic 20 so they are circulating all the brand new old style 20s and burning any crap looking ones. nearly £1,500 in brand new £20s and not a single one knocked back anywhere ( id put them all into an envelope as soon as getting them to keep them nice) also noted that a little laminated copy of my passport and Cambodian visa (credit card size) from a few years back was happily accepted as id at every single exchange place i went to.
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    I will be sad to see them go. The A380 is probably the most comfortable plane I've flown on. I only travel economy and the ones I've flown seem to be quieter and have more seat space than the smaller Airbuses and any Boeing.
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    The more shops the better, I love them !
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